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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The following is the confirmed arrangement of prom. Every detail has been taken into consideration to ensure a happy night and adrian has come up with this plan which should put everyone in tables they're most comfortable with. Hence, the "pair" thingy was created. Adrian seeks your understanding as the arrangement is constrained by scarcity (2 tables only wat u expect), and hopes all of u enjoy a great night on 3rd dec.

Those who have selected a pair, you are put in your pairs, which i managed not to tear up. Those with pairs are denoted by "Someone & Someone". Those who did not select one, you are placed as an individual within the tables.

Table 1:
Ling and Chris
Adrian and Ruth
Rhoda and Karen
Char and Soph

Table 2:
Haoie & Jason (my my i clda expected this myself)
Shermin & Sam
Steph & Shuzie
Judith & Jeff

The only reason why i didnt put "kurt & shoof" is cause they didnt OFFICIALLY send me a pairing. I do however, infer that this would work out excellently for them. =P


have a great day ahead!

Adrian and a few sleepless nights (HAHAH!)

KingADRIANthegreat [11:56 PM]

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ok ! Update about our movie marathon on saturday hor. It will be at Charmaine's house k, and I dont know where some people get the idea they are not invited coughadriancough because it is supposed to be open to everyone. =) It was initially between Karen Charmaine and I but soon Christine Ruth Liyana LingHui heard of it and viola! It became coco crunch! my ass I meant to say it became infused with chick flicks and what not and I admit it may have appeared exclusive on the surface but trust me it is not, it is for everybody interested! Unless you want to watch a horror movie. If you DARE to bring any disgusting psychological thrillers like saw, dark water etc or horror movies like the Host Boogeyman Chucky or something along these lines, I will personally kick you out. So there. Other than that bring any movies you like, and the choice of movie will be based entirely on consesus. I must warn you though, due to the overwhemingly female demographics of the participants involved, although I shall try my best to ban mean girls, we may most likely end up watching movies more catered to satisfying feminine whims and impulses.

KingADRIANthegreat [10:49 PM]

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