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Saturday, January 21, 2006

what do you see yourself taking out of A02 at the end of this year?

Say its Nov, your As are over, and youre leaving NJ and A02 for good. How would you feel? Looking back, would you regret? What have you done that you wish to rectify? And here's the chance. You're not in NOV.

"we all never kept to wad we said and wad our ogls told us. we lost the a 02 spirit."

What is the A02 spirit? Does it mean cheering and running nonstop? No. It transcends beyond that. Work gets to us. And we all know it. Often we come to school, dissed and pissed, sad and screwed, looking at our homework pile up day after day. We used view certain classmates thru coloured vision, and i am equally guilty of this. As the days slowly creep by, is being in A02 as special as it was 3mths ago? Or has life become mundane? And if has been mundane, youve only yourself to blame, for you have not made life memorable for you and your fellow classmates.

Again, what is the A02 spirit? At the end of your life in NJ, what do you see yourself taking outta it? Me? I definately gained smtg, learnt smtg, felt smtg, had a few impt memories ill hold a lifetime, made some impt friends who will probably accompany me thru the lifetime, adding more memories to my collection as i age and grow old. And as i lie on my deathbed, ill look back, and ill hold the hands of my Lord and say: "give me one more chance, to relive the days in nJ."

There will be no time so magical as before, and only once can this happen to us.


KingADRIANthegreat [11:38 PM]

my infinite love for a02 - ling

karen, you wrote so well. i cried.
mug, you wrote a beautiful entry. falling accidentally in love with a02. i cried too.

when i saw our junior class, i was filled with hope. hope of seeing a replica of us. even thou, in the beginning, i was quite upset that i sort of miss those sparks forming in 06A02, but when i saw them at the great wall, i almost burst out in tears, if not for the mere fact that i still have to bring s14 through 10+ other games. shouting, motivating and cheering a02 on, i saw them huddle one another. i saw them working so hard not to let anyone fall. my mind floated back to a year ago. and that overwhelming sense of loss came back. but with that painful loss, beautiful memories flooded my mind once again.

i was wrong. it's never possible to see 05a02 in 06a02. because it'll be quite impossible to see another 05a02. in fact, it's not quite impossible. it's literally impossible. i dont think any 22 individuals can fit the way we did in first three months. even thou i will not see 05a02 in 06ao2, i have faith in them and i know they will become bonded in their very own special and magical way. i know they will love a02 like we did. i know they will also become true a02-ians in their heart, you know, my fellow a02-ians, everyday i pray for a miracle. for they all to be able to stay in nj and in a02, even after jae. for the mere fact that i dont want them to relive our pain. the pain of separation. that pain is worst than any other forms of physical torture. it's like ten thousand knieves stabbing at you, and yet you're helpless and have to endure the pain silently through tears. that is a pain i dont ever want anyone to go through.

im sorry i never truly embrace the new a02. cos the old one is just too special for me. that memories engraved and etched in my brain is priceless. if anyone want to rob that memory from me, i'd just choose to die. no one can replace the old a02, cos it simply is impossible. in the old a02, i saw love and only love.

when i cried at the oasis the other day, it's because i saw another special a02, similar in a different way and different in a special way. i know they will learn what it is like to be in this very magical a02 family. i know if anyone was made to leave, it will be one of the most painful thing in their lives. but more importantly, it's also because the pain came all flooding back. the images of brynner, sheng, cassy and nat. the heart and soul that was a02. i cry because God took it all away from me. that miracle. that perfection. but i know it'll always be beautiful. because everything ended, when a02 was beautiful. i'd rather not see what will happen if a02 was a02. perhaps things will change. perhaps a02 after first 3 months will evolve into another a02. the only solace i took from our separation is the mere fact that our memories are beautiful, and only beautiful. :D

as usual, i love a02. throughout my 17 plus years, i'd never seen something so beautiful as 22 individuals, becoming one.

KingADRIANthegreat [10:05 PM]

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Marche !

I'm so sorry I'm too lazy to actually upload all the pictures
Plus some ehem ehem pictures are R(A) HOHO.
-you know who i am-

KingADRIANthegreat [12:27 AM]

Monday, January 16, 2006

one for all and all for one

If I were to define 05A02, I would immediately think of 3 things.
1. unity in adversity
2. tears in laughter
3. outspoken love in silence

These are the things I love most about our class. During our own orientation there was so much havoc and chaos and spontaneous exuberance, if we want to sound more credible, yet there was structure in the way everyone formed a piece that completed the picture. A very complicated picture, each of our edges prised so well, so perfectly into one another's. We fit, and we linked, and we held. And the result was complete, the prettiest surface, made up of many separate, colourful individuals who were so uniquely shaped in their own way but somehow found their way and place of belonging in A02. And it didn't stop at the surface - the lines, although awkward, met at the base. It became the platform for which I could raise myself, to present myself as a part of this miraculous composition, all the while assured, that beside me, someone's arm is linked in mine, and below the weight of my feet I feel firm, safe in the belief that someone would catch me if I fell.

After 1st 3 months we had to be pulled apart, one by one, and the mere force of separation tore our edges. We became abraded, and it was difficult picking up the pieces and looking for new partners to fit in with. Our shapes never did complement perfectly again.

But then came the lovely new A02ians, our funny scotchtape people. Perhaps they weren't as mad as us, but they definitely helped to keep us together! These people formed some of the links that held pieces that didn't fit together, and our picture, though not the same, became whole once more! :D

I'd like to use this experience, reflecting back on 2005 for the sake of 06A02. They may not all be puzzle pieces, but let's wait around for the scotchtape to be pulled out of their roll, yeah. It's not the situation that makes A02 the dynamic family we are, but the people and the lines running together deep down from the surface that pulls it all together. So even though we may not see much progress now, we may be missing out on some special magic going on in the junior class. Remember, nobody truly understood what A02 was until they WERE A02. Perhaps it's the same case.

For me, I'm hoping 06A02 will bring to mind this: hidden magic in family

For all you guys: I'm glad I met all of you. I'm glad I've brushed sides with you before, all of you. Some of us may not have fit perfectly, but I'm glad we're one big picture now. Let's be our part for this masterpiece.

And extra thanks to Mugalot, who's always been that rusty bent nail which puts that hole through the picture, but nevertheless is a part of it, and has always been the one holding us up, high and proud for all to see.


KingADRIANthegreat [11:34 PM]

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Seeing my OG bond in such an inexplicable manner was so touching and it reminded me of how we bonded during the 1st orientation. Although they may appear mild and indifferent on the surface, they are actually the sort who forms bonds of friendships fast and hold true their loyalty to one another as long as others make the first move. Just like myself. Seeing them actually initiate a class outing by themselves is such a wondrous thing. Even though it may be only 1/2 of them and the other 1/2 unenthusiastic, I still feel that sense of accomplishment of having done something that has made a positive impact on people's lives. I now understand how our OGLs felt.


KingADRIANthegreat [11:02 PM]

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hello. its 2006 and this entry is abit outdated i guess. but still, better late than never.

firstly, i wanna thank A02 for the way they changed me and the happiness they brought to me. Taking me from an aloof sickening rvian to become a true NJCian, A02ian at heart. I'll start recounting year.

Rmb after JAE, A02 split. Physically. Everyone of us gathered outside the GO, fighting for that slim chance to stay together. Even as Suiho came and called us immatured, even as Mark Lo replied with a stern no, even tho our own OGLs told us that we had no chance, we fought for a dream. A dream that was A02. That was that one moment that i truly felt what it meant to be A02, because i cut myself out from A02 before that. I saw all your tears, your cries and your sincere reassurances. I was an A02ian from that very moment on
And then i was class rep. to be frank, i never held that position in secondary school, i was never given a leadership position in rv. How was i to lead you guys? A class so special?
Then came College Day. I asked for everyone to bring all they could bring, egg beaters, measuring jugs, measuring cups etc etc. And i saw how Sam toiled with everything all the way from somewhere damn far. I saw how you guys stayed at my house till 9+. Some of you even stayed over, or at least till very late. I saw how you guys danced your hearts out at my house, accidentally in love. I was accidentally in love with a class so special. But keeping that love alive was no accident. it was my most sincere and vigorous efforts that made me forever an A02-ian. I chose to be. I saw how you guys come over in the morning, transport the food to school, karen fighting for every customer as suiho stood eating her roti boy. I saw how charlene and kurt rushed off to get more icecream as we ran out of them, how we panicked when we realised we gave sara's mum an uncooked pancake. The effort was simply immeasurable, and only Ao2 can ever muster up such a united effort.
I see your efforts everyday, and i really love you guys. I missed you guys alot thru the hols. Today was refreshing. i havent been around you guys so long that i forgot how it felt to be around all of you.

I was accidentally in love with A02, and forever more, always an A02ian. 2005 has touched my life so much that no other years will ever replace it. I thank A02 for all your efforts, and how you guys have assisted me in your own little ways, turning up at every class outing, making an effort to support, without which A02 can never keep together.

It was a pleasure to serve you all, and a pleasure ill treasure forever.

A02, you are the very best
A02, you own all the rest
We love.. OGLs vince youkai yux and sam.. and emillilene..

A02.. you are the very best
you rock so very much
No matter what, we'll always stay togeeeether.

I may have gotten some of the lyrics wrong, but i'll never forget the ways A02 has touched and moulded me. =)

KingADRIANthegreat [7:18 PM]

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