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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Class Outing

eh it appears that everyone's busy so im not able to organise one.

however, if you guys rmb the $50 bucks we won in marche vouchers, it expires on the 6th Jan, which happens to be a friday, so im dating all of you for dinner that night kays? everyone is invited. I did not eat the vouchers but if you guys leave it longer with me, i cant promise that it'll be intact ya? =)

okay pls make that day free.


KingADRIANthegreat [6:52 PM]

Saturday, December 10, 2005

eee i realised i haven't been posting for AGES so i have decided to post here.

recently a lot has been happening in my life.a lot that i can't afford to tell you guys,not because i'm afraid you won't stick by me (i know you will!! :D) but because it involves other people and i don't wanna disclose them.but all this has made me come to understand a lot.

1. i realise that family is the most impt.we've been running around so much,doing stuff for our cca,our school life that we fail to notice the people that are there everyday when we reach home.these are the people that will make up the most of us.

2. i can't live without you guys in nj.just 2 days of pw, and without seeing you guys and i miss you guys so much!haha that sounded so emo.but it's true.nothing can ever replace you guys.it seems as if i'm spending a lot of time with the councilors,but trust me.nothing can ever replace you guys okay.

3. i've come to be grateful for a lot of things.small things that make one happy.like the little girl picking flowers along the street,the old grandparents holding hands in the bus,the television show that makes you laugh.i don't know what to say.i realise that instead of being a small thing that makes me happy,a02's presence in my life has become a huge thing that i ought to be grateful for.i'm so glad that we haven't split apart because of different characters,different ccas.instead we've meshed together in such a wonderful combination.

i love you guys so so much. :) pls take care of yourselves and have a wonderful xmas.


KingADRIANthegreat [10:28 AM]

Monday, December 05, 2005

MEME by charlene

haha um done this alr BUT i was in a bad mood so i'll do it again!

1. i got ripped off by charlene today. lol. but she saved my life. =P

2. i want a class outing now. adrian??

3. jason mraz singing rainbow connection?? ooo..

4. jason (li) is in china now so he prob can't see ur tag, so i wanna do his =PP

5. doink.

Jason's 5 random things about himself (as done by me)

1. he says hi to anything and everything, even the potted plants along the corridor

2. occasionally, the potted plants say hi back.

3. he once started a phone conversation with me with 'are you going to church tml??'

4. he posted a dubious poem on his blog. who its about, he wouldn't say =P

5. he's a nice guy laaaaa.

-edit- oops, im HG btw. yep. oops.

KingADRIANthegreat [8:40 PM]

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