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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Now now, since i dont have a blog, ill use this to thank my grp. =P and all the others who have in their little ways played a part to our ME OP presentation.

Christine: haha being a grp leader is not easy. all those late nite calls to mr lee. omg. i cld just puke and faint. but nonetheless, you suppressed your disgust and made our project possible. all the planning and shaping our project, and of course controlling a hyperactive mugalot is not exactly very easy. and of course your advice to be modest. BUT I WAS HONEST!!! arghs nvm. in any case, i think we did darn well and thank you alot. *tries darn hard not to let any insults creep in*

Shuzie: HAhaha shuheng ar. you keep telling everyone you'll die you'll die. what i must buy kongbapau for your funeral.. yea right la! you did so well during the OP as tho u had no cough can?! i still rmb the day you and christine stayed till 9 to finish the WR, the time you tot u lost the diskette and you were so darn guilty. oh man.. you did so much for us can? and yes, you were the least despo girl in our grp!!! haha seems like rv has taught us well. =P

Sophie: HAHa oh man all our jokes always fall flat. why? because if u explain your joke 3 times thru it wont even be funny. =P but being our grp's secretary, i think you did a fantastic job. Always on task. And the only reason why our GPF is sooooo darn thick is because you kept all the minutes and the impt stuff organised and filed. And of course your OP was fanta-bulous. What else can i say, Regan? =)

Shoof: Oh man. you and your baby com, house and so many other lame jokes. hahah but its darn fun. darn fun with you around. aha then theres yeo zhi quan who you so despo-ly.... =) haha and throughout the course of this project, youre the only one who has never come close to looking pissed, always smilling and for your little chats with n****** and so conveniently forgetting that all your grp members are around ar...

my grp rocks!! We've never quarreled, never come close to quarreling. We may have disagreements over the nitty gritties of the project, but we've always graced each other with respect, friendship, and love. Even with christine such a uh-hum, we can still function so well. And oh man. i love my group. ill miss pw.

and thanks to all those who have in their own ways helped my group to a simple ME presentation. (ME because christine told me to be modest. =( )

KingADRIANthegreat [2:19 PM]

Friday, November 11, 2005


today is such a beautiful day. with no more PW to worry about (except suzie, mugalot, chrissy, sophie and shoof; ALL THE BEST!!!), im a truly happy girl. so i've decided to do sth i've been delaying for a long long time cos of my busy schedule. and most of the time, i'd rather blog in my blog than blog here. so ya. here's my shouts of LOVE for you guys, after a year of thin and thick, withstanding how someone can be such a mean b*tch, we made it!!!

let me start with the guys!

haoguang: you're such a nice chap. you know during first three months, because of your er-hem incident, i wan quite put off. but after so many months of enduring geog lessons, i realised you're really nice and fun to talk to. so keep your spirit going. and DUN slack for geog proj le k! we need work!!! (:

jeff: thanks for learning chinese on my behalf. i know sometimes i can get rather cheena. thanks for enduring that. and being such a wonderful speaker in PW. thanks for always motivating the group and loving our PW so much. you rock on. and i know your strategy. must work harder den can win meimei's heart. haha...

jason: thanks for ur re-assurances after i screwed up my op. haha. thanks for listening to my whines. hoho! and thanks for that meal at prince thou it sux. pw cant have been more fun without you!

benny: thanks for laughing. you've so easily usurp the laughing thrones from jeff and chrissy of first three months. your laughters truly makes A02 feel so much happier. oh and thanks for reading poems with so much love and passion, withoutwhich, we'd have no one to read hughes' poems!

kurt: im so impressed by your tech skills man. that presentation was superb. and thanks for being the maths rep, cos i always delay paying my money. be patient k...

adrian! thanks for being my best friend!!! haha. thanks for always being so concern and forcing me to say what happened. and i really found a confidente in you. and not forgetting my best fishing mate. haha. try to pass NATFA k, if not have to go tekong leh. sad sad. oh and thanks for that question in PW man, i impressed the crowd. hoho...

sheng: so sad we dun talk as much nowadays. but as usual, you are my best brother man! rock on and work harder for geog lar!!!

brynner: miss you and your jokes. miss everything of yours, esp you lying to ting. haha. infiltrate SA with that funky spirit of yours man!!!

and now the girls!

chrissy: aww man. JC life would not have been so fun without you. you're truly my sunshine sugerycreamy bun! haha. my pillar of support and strength. thanks for everything. im still sore you can swim! and thanks for having the courage to have such an EC! haha. cheers. what to say? chu2 le4 ai4 ni3, hai2 shi4 ai4 ni3!!!

suzie: k-box queen. thanks for knowing how to operate the remote, or not we cant sing k-box le. thanks for re-igniting my passion for singing man. and thanks for tolerating my pitchless and toneless singing. haha. and thanks for being my conjoined twin, thou it's hard to sh*t sometimes. (:

ruthu: thanks for always being bing ah. and bringing the bengah-spirit in me! without you, i wouldnt have integrated so well in our class and njc of cos. your laughters and way-of-talking and cheekiness cheers me up man. i've never found anyone who personifies "happiness is a choice" more than you...so remain that way.

steph: your passion for dancing still keeps me in awe man. really. but your tired-ness in class still shocks me too. haha! no matter way, you beautiful the way you are. so remain this way! (:

char: my ignis captain. how can i do without you man. being such a true leader and responsible. and misunderstandings in the past have alr been eroded. thanks for telling me i dun have a hateful life, cos i have ronaldo. haha...(:

sophie: you rock man. my regan/goneril. haha! such great speaking and presenting skills. just dun look like you're having a stomachache man. hahah.... really glad we become close these last few months. you're a genius in econs lar. see you in econs S class!!!

sara: i know you can scream thou you're so quite. and thanks for enduring chris' constant predatory acts. i know it's scary at times. haha...and thanks for being such a sweetie pie in geog man. lessons are better with your presence. lastly, oh sara, sara~~~

shoof: you freak. you dun allow me into your triangle of love with JJ. that's so hurting. but i dont care. i shook his hands twice!!! big warm and powdery. dun jealous k. and i will form my own line of love with him. hahaha! anyway, thanks for that bright cherry attitude of yours. it brightens up my everyday! (: so stay that way k...

sheryl: thanks for going to singapore hits awards with me. yay. it's so nice. and i got jj's hand again! he's so handsome lar. thou i think it's rather weird you like syl and you look at the dancers more than the singers. haha...being a CT rep, i've nothing to say but thanks for enduring with suiho on our behalf. (:

sam: i've really seen you grow as a person. thanks for being such a patient maths rep the other time. and thanks for all your artistic talent, contributing tremendouly to our pw group!

judith: thanks for your perfectionistic attitude which ensures that our pw is in tiptop condition. thanks for working till 4.30am during the submission of our WR. you rock man. i admire your dedication!!!

sherm: thanks for being such a funky girl and loving your family and dog. haha. hope you have fun in tianjin k. your love and passion for geog really wow me! keep that smile on always...

karen: you're such a sweetie pie. anyone with troubles will be able to find comfort in you i believe. thanks for always producing such wonderful pieces of art for a02. you're truly like a mother and such a smart artist as well! keep going and im sure you'll have a bright future. invite me to your art gallery in new york someday k. maybe i can find some hot hunks there! ;)

charmaine: you're such a wonderful mei mei. and last few months, i really got to know you better. so happy! and im also glad you're in toastmasters so i can have someone to talk to. and you really cheer me up with your witty comments from time to time. lastly, of cos, you love for aragorn (rhoda too!), i think he's the hottest man. ;)

shuqi: thou i dunno if you'll ever get to see this entry. but really, when we first started out as friends, i truly enjoy myself in your company. really hoping we can eat at marche again. and really, i hope you will come to open yourself up more, den only you can feel the warmth of the class...

liyana: i always have such a fun time with you on the bus. you always cheer me up. your passion and enthusiasm for canoeing really puts me in awe man. never seen such a lively person, ready to die for sports. haha. stay healthy always. (:

rhoda: keep your passion of writing forever. and dun fall into the hole of depression man. you're such a fun girl to be with when you're at your peak! and i know you a small girl with extraordinary dreams. keep going and im sure you will find that path to success! (: i love you.

nat: you're such a motherly figure. you and your cheesecake makes me wanna marry you. and of cos our love for F1, even thou i like schmi and you dont. well...im sure you're having such a great time in poly. anyway, find me to shoot in your video or sthg someday k! looking forward to seeing you more often! (:

cassy!!! i saved the last for the best! firstly, sorry i cannot attend your bday party. becos of my mom and the fact that ive been out too often. but it's ok. i'll make up to you. let's go out someday lar. i treat k! (this is for cassy only!) i really love you girl. always online to cheer me up and listen to my new hunk on the list and never failing to give encouragement! YOU ARE MY NUMBER 1 BABE!!! and you know that right. so keep that smile on always and i hope we get to meet up more often...i give you my word...a lifetime of friendship...

and here comes to the end of such a wonderful wonderful J1 (im still searching for chalet, must come must come k!), i wouldnt miss njc if not for you guys! (:

KingADRIANthegreat [10:48 AM]

Sunday, November 06, 2005

HAhahah all the best for your PWs!!!

its all ending alr.. so close... =)

I love you, you love me.. we're one big family..


KingADRIANthegreat [5:33 PM]

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