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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

i love you guys~!

sheng - for all the dumbness you brought to me during 1st 3 mths. your words of encouragement, and your love for us
brynner- for all your jokes that held the class spirit up high. for your frankness, humour and love
nat- for all your delicious bakings, for never forgetting us, always coming to every class gathering
cassie- hahaha for those little conversations we've about a shit named pinky, for being always so concerned with a02, for being with us.
erni- for allowing the a02 spirit to run in you, for all your little smiles at my dumb jokes
charmaine- er hum. for your er hum with er hum which er hum is quite interesting. haha and your little dances with er hum in GR34. accidently in love yah?
rhoda - hahah always laughing at something, always smiling, and for being a marvellous gp rep. =)
ruth - for all your laughters you brought me, for owning such a good radar, for the "relationship" we once had, hahahaha. =)
liyana - hahah for all your laughters, joy and love you brought the class. for your determination that drives you on. i'll never forget you singing "unwritten" during history class that puzzled me so much, wondering how you were in sync with the song i was listening to.
charlene - for being a marvellous house cap. for always going the extra mile for the class. for waking me up
shermin- for always being so lovable, bubbly, bringing joy to all those watching you. haha youre the queen.
christine - haha for having a prc eye torment, for being a marvellous leader for my pw group, and youre the living joke of the class. and for spraying disinfectant on the tray. =)
Shuheng- hahaha for sitting along with me when i pon math lecture, for all your concern. for cracking all the jokes in our pw group.
karen - so much to thank you for, so indebted to you. all your contributions, from class banners, to college day, to all those little arty stuff. so much to thank you for, really.
sara- for smiling, for all your eloquent readings of king lear, and always joining in the class' activities. smiles~
judith- for all your photos that captures the a02 spirit at its best. always smiling, always laughing, always happy.
shu fen - hahah for all your despo-ness (and god, she is really the epitome of despo-ness), hahaha your little laughters and your erm.. smses with that it guy that looks like crap?
ShuQi- for being part of us, giving suiho the look i always wanted to give her. =)
Samantha- for undertaking the responsibilities you have had for the class, for all your help during college day, tho you stayed so far away.
steph- haha for your smiles, laughter, and of course, a great dancer with cheerful spirit.
sophia- for still blocking me on msn, for never understanding my conversations and for all the fun in pw. hahaha.
sheryl- for being a great ct rep, all the things you do, im sure a02 appreciates it all. =) smile more!
LingHui- for your desponess too! haha ronaldo. for big dreams that drive you on, for all the laughters you have, for being jealous that someone else is more well liked by everyone hahaha.
Jeffrey Evan Angus- Angus! My partner in crime. always fooling someone along with me. your jokes, stories, and concern. how will my life be without you? *sounding gay
Jason- All SJI guys fall into 3 categories: Gay, Pervert, Asshole. But for you my friend, you fall into none. youre a pleasure to be with, always so opinionated, so smart.
Benny- for taking manhood lessons with the great epitome of manhood, for all your squeaky laughters that brighten up the class. always.
Kurt- for always lending a helping hand. for listening to me whine about life. for being a true a02-ian in the heart
Haoguang- hahaha your jokes. i hate you!!! for being so smart at lit without working!!! For not wishing me good luck on econs!!! hahahaha. but i took my revenge! =) jiayou. and for your "pornstar" phone cover. -.-" hahaa

without any of you, a02 will never be whole. and it'll never fill the gap in my heart anything else can ever do. i love all of you.


KingADRIANthegreat [9:49 AM]

Friday, October 07, 2005

a big thank you! -HG

haha juz see my blog for full details

thanks everyone =)

KingADRIANthegreat [10:30 PM]

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