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Monday, May 30, 2005

l.ing here!

yo ppl.
chalet shuld be on 15, 16, 17 June. i'll TRY to get aloha loyang. but if cannot, make do with costa sands? those who can make it, bring around 15-20 bucks on econs makeup which is on 10june. i haven book and wont book until i cfm the no. of ppl going and i got the money alr. haha. whose mom or dad is ntuc member and can go check in for us one, pls let me know. ok? thanks ppl. (:
oh. cassy and sheng and brynner and nat and whoever in 1st 3mths A02, ure welcome too k? jus drop me a msg if ure coming for chalet. or jus the bbq. OGLS, welcome too!
God bless!

KingADRIANthegreat [12:03 PM]

Saturday, May 28, 2005

steph here!

hey hey ppl! pls come and support my friends and i at a dance competition held in conjunction with the world floorball championships!!! must cheer k even though we're er not really v good. yup yup this mon night arnd 7 at ite east... tickets are 5 bucks can be bought at the door (:

KingADRIANthegreat [10:28 PM]

Friday, May 20, 2005


Hey guys I’m finally here! I owe everyone a large apology for not visiting here regularly but I’ve got a good reason. Because the speed of my internet connection is so unbelievably slow that it takes around one donkey year to load the webpage? BUT I’m here now after PATIENTLY waiting for an extremely long time for that. So I guess my sincere efforts to keep up with this blog will allow u guys to forgive me ya?

Anyways, I need to apologise AGAIN for not turning up for many class outings during this period of time. I know some people may think that I’m anti-social or too caught up with my clique but that’s untrue. I still love a02 very much but it’s just that I’ve been so drained out with all my commitments in school and the workload that I haven’t had any time for myself to relax at home like what I used to do. So, whenever I have free time or anything, I’ll grab this opportunity to take a rest at home and just spend some quality time with myself. So please please understand me. I would really love to spend more time with the class too but I really need a break from the hype sometimes or my body will seriously not be able to take it.

AND there’s no such thing as a clique in a02 ok! A02 is one big clique itself! Okay I have to admit I may have been neglecting some of the a02 people nowadays unknowingly. After some friendly reminders from others, I realized that yeaps. I’ve indeed toned down a lot in the class. Meaning that I am like sticking to this tight group of people and somewhat not talking much to the rest. I’m really sorry about that!

Dangs.. why does my entry revolve around me apologizing to u guys? I have my pride too! Haha.

Oh yah. I shall share with you guys a particular disturbing incident in our classroom a few days ago. Me, beng ah and some other people were quietly mugging and minding our own business. And our dearest Adrian has to give us a sneak preview of his debut mtv, ‘dancing’ to britney spears’ songs (which he claims that he likes but I think it is the erotic content that he’s interested in! HAHA) and his moves were totally hot! They basically include some lizard-climbing on the wall, pointing at all directions all the while keeping his head low, trying to act mysterious and sexy. Omg. It was so entertaining though Jason said that his moves were ‘almost offensive’. Haha!

When I saw mugalot dancing and singing to really old britney songs, I was suddenly reminded of brynner. How he would sing his little ‘I’m a bitch I’m a lover..’ song. It never fails to crack all of us up. How he would tell us to smile and be happy when a02 is undergoing a rather depressing period of time when everybody’s sad. His exact words: “ you guys be happy so I can be happy too!” he sounded so sincere that you just can’t help but smile at his effort to make all of us happy. At that moment, I really felt like crying when I thought about him. But I must be strong! I can’t keep on crying! So well.. I suppressed my tears and sheng and his ‘shi nian’ song came into my mind. I recalled how he would excitedly play that song on his hp and pretend that he’s playing the harmonica with his phone. How he would sing that song so passionately with a whole lot of emotions. Good old sheng. I’ve always wanted to relive our observation periods before gp class with my good old observation gang comprising of: me, ruth, beng ah, and of course our gorgeous cassie. Haha cassie.. how she would blatantly point at people and proclaim her disgust for them. Haha. That crazy girl. One day she’s gonna be boxed by some not-so-tolerating person. *sigh .. memories.. memories.. memories

I seriously think I must walk out of the first three mths a02 shadow and stop being nostalgic. I must be more involved in the class. I must stop comparing. And most importantly, I must regain my voice! It’s a torture not being able to talk! *sob


KingADRIANthegreat [10:40 PM]

Monday, May 16, 2005


kk i think all a02-ians rock so much for college day, to everyone who made time available, who went the extra mile..

char- thanks lot for the recipes, the bringing of stuff here and there, for waking early, for helping in all the way you cld possibly have.
kurt- thanks for your home, for being the delivery man, for buying the most impt meal, breakfast, for delivering all the paper needed, for all the help, for unleashing your inert leadership.
Benny- for being waffleman, for staying over at my place to make waffles till 1am, for bring us the laughs that made us so very happy.
Haoie- thanks for staying, for heading to Balestier in the morning, for helping even tho u had college day, for making yourself so useful.
Jason- Thanks for being Hansel, for taking all that embarrassment so well, for staying till 11, for persuading so many people to buy, for being the best waffle selling machine.
Jeff- thanks for staying till 11, for making all the dancers to buy waffles, for being ever so persuasive, for giving us the fun we love. for being the jester.
steph- thanks for the marvellous design, the many times you went outta the way, and i admit that the AEP students are overused. =D
karen- for selling the highest amounts of waffles, for rising to the occasion so many times when we called for your expertise, for turning up and giving your best despite committments later on.
judith- for taking all the pics that will help keep these memories ever lasting, for frothing eggs the way they shld, for laughing along with us all.
shufen- for coming after CF, for forgetting to bring your friend, for being so cheerful and being wafflegirl
sheryl- for volunteering to help the very moment u came, for coming in the morning, and for being a poor mafia. =D
shermin- for being gretel (howddya spell it?), for shouting so much when accidentatly in love was played, for being so ever enthusiastic with all the waffle making sessions, and for your dad. =D
sam- for bringing all the stuff needed, for rushing home late at night to go to paya lebar, for being ever so sporting
shuqi- for putting your tallness into use =D, helping out with all the decor.
shuheng- for all the gummy smiles, all the enthusiasism, your happiness when u saw us selling and rushed along with your friends, and did they buy?
linghui- for being icecream girl, for screaming, for being accounts girl for a short time, for bringing all that bloody fun
sara- for helping along with sheryl and shufen, for making your prescene felt despite the quiet self, and your queer chinese dance look. =D
christine- for eating a free waffle =D hehe for making choir buy all that, for bringing so much laughter to that boring selling
sophia- for staying to watch kingdom of heaven, for all the enthusiastic times, for making everyone happy during mafia=D
cassy- for coming back and trying to pass off as an NJ girl (Did u succeed? suiho recognised u right? so fail lah!!!!)

suiho- for a teacher who doesnt help out, you talk too much. looking forward to you lecturing me, and i hope you enjoyed your roti boy while we worked our asses out.

lastly, sorry for the poor planning, inefficient production process, bad pricing policies, screwed up bid price, poor leadership.


KingADRIANthegreat [12:18 AM]

Sunday, May 15, 2005


yox baby!
cassy said i sounded horny when i say that.
i replied: "it's exclusively for your ears only" :) [im straight k?] haha...
life---rocking cool? everyday life is becoming better. at least for me.
i've been relatively happy for these 2 days. yayy
thou i very much much much wish life would resume back to 5mths ago
and that i can re-live the days of old A02, but i realised i've gotta move on.
moving on doesnt mean forgetting about the past. it jus meant that we place the past in an exclusive place in our heart and think about it once-in-a-while.
much like sheng, cassy, brynner, nat. you guys are NEVER, i repeat NEVER ever forgotten.
moving on also means accepting the new A02 people(which i've at first very dun-feel-like-doing-so). accepting them, and not comparing them to any of those who left. yes. cos there'll never be another sheng-brynner-cassy-nat-lookalike-feelalike.

you know i have a friend who's so so close with me last time in anderson. we used to be in a clique and we've been classmates(in the same class) for 4years le. she was in nj for first 3mths(yea,the one i gave flowers to?), but very unfortunately she couldnt be back anymore. she didnt make it and now she's in tj. life's been very cruel to her and me and my bunch of friends as well. she's a very unadaptable person, much worst than me. i took 3days to warm up to A02. it's been months already and she hasnt quite warmed up to her class, nor the school. nor anybody in tj. this sucks. and everyone of us has been very preoccupied with our own shit stuffs that we've very convinently forgotten about her. she's quite sad that we didnt invite her to college day. (actually we did, but she doesnt wanna come. cos she heard it from the tj people before she heard from us) im not tryin to push blame here or anything. cos i can understand the situation she's in now, cos i've been on the same boat before. jus that im mentally stronger and God has been kinder to me in many ways. what im tryin to say is that we do not love her a single bit less. in fact more. we cherish her more, want to love her more. but it's jus beyond our ability. all in all--always show the person that you care. always always in your free time, no! even during your busy times, drop a msg/emal to someone in another sch or another class whose your very close friend last time in sec sch to say you care, you thought of him/her and that you miss him/her. you never know how important you are k? :)

im blessed to have met such wonderful people. you guys have really been my pillar of support in NJC.
(: linghui aka beng ah!

KingADRIANthegreat [12:38 PM]

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hello, everyone. I'm Benny and Adrian and Howie is encouraging me to blog about wonderful A02! (jointly censored and substantiated by Adrian N Howie while Benny rolls on bed laughing :)) I am at Adrian's house and I feel his cat rocks more than him!!!! Censor time! Howie and Adrian rock more than Benny! Adrian's cat rocks more than Benny too!! We worked very hard today making waffles so we deserve some compensation! Beng Ah is helping us buy Chicken cutlet!!! I felt really excited about the cat, I hope I can adopt it!!!! Howie feels the same way about Charlene's dogs! OMG so cute lar! Adrian, can you buy a female cat so that they can born children and we can adopt them???? Class pet, not a bad idea.... Ms Teo, if you are reading this, I hope ou approve our ideas, we are really passionate about it just as we are pasionate about your lessons! Censor time! No sarcasm intended here!!!!

BEnny responsible for main ideas. Adrian and Howie responsible for "censortimes!!!"

KingADRIANthegreat [1:08 AM]

Friday, May 13, 2005

hello dearest a02!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you all SOSOSOSOSO much!!!!!!!!!!
anyway...erm.. here's what happened this week!
on monday, i finally got my.. i dunno what it's called..but it's something plastic and metal thing.. (really helpful description, huh?? haha) that i've to wear on the roof of my mouth to push my teeth apart because the dentist doesnt wanna extract my teeth.. so i currently slur all my words, and i cant say things like "stupid", "sex" and "teacher" -- words which my classmates were trying to get me to say.. haha..

had lit lecture test on tuesday on some Robert Frost poem called "The Leaf Treader" and we were asked how it reflects his main concerns and dunno what....which i'm so sure i failed.
if i do not fail it, i swear i'll die from a heart attack of shock.. i mean, what on earth are Robert Frost's main concerns?? since i wasnt here the first three months i dont know much about Mr Robert, and i also havent bought his book yet -- I think i'm the only lit student in rj without a Robert Frost book, and i keep waiting for one to drop out from the sky but it never does.

i sat for half an hour shaking my legs and staring around the lecture theatre and everyone was scribbling away furiously and i was just shaking my legs..and shaking my legs...and shaking my legs some more. i'm utterly totally incompetent in lit, i've no idea what the hell i'm doing in Arts. i couldnt even THINK of how to start crapping my answer. argh.

plus my GP common test is coming up and my GP teacher is a bum who doesnt do anything during GP and just lets us stare into each other's eyes for one hour.. and i'm sure i'll fail my GP too.

other than that.. i'm fine.. haha. and my class is getting better and better everyday just that no one speaks during lessons time, so it's basically my teacher talking and me replying and everyone else keeping stonily quiet.. and the teachers are very frustrated with the rest of the class for not speaking, but still, they refuse to open their mouths.
okay, i probably make them sound like mutes.. haha... but they do come alive during break times and they talk alot, just that i dont know why they dont speak AT ALL during class time. and i've a guy classmate who waxes his legs, and (yes, it's a HE!) has the most shiny, hairless, sexiest legs i've ever seen in the world...!! i feel quite disturbed by his lack of hair... and another guy classmate who frequents the gay forum.. for real. not for fun!!! egad!! haha.. but they're quite fun people..

hmm yah. hopefully i'll see you all on saturday!!! i've to go for dinner with my family on sat to celebrate my father's birthday, so i also dunno how, but i'm going to come for college day anyway!!!!!! yeShHH!! see you all!!!!!!

missing you all tons,

KingADRIANthegreat [6:57 PM]


ITS ME AGAIN!! haha... i have not blogged since lightyears ago ( dont be mistaken, i'm not proud of that) so i shall blog NOW! :) haha. btw, i am in bytz now. :) i have decided to foolishly squander away my free period as i have (once again) decided to give myself a break!!! :) u cant blame me...yesterday was a stressful day!
anyways, i came here to proclaim my love for A02! :) i miss the ever-noisy + crappy class! however, i realise that the a02 that i miss is the old a02..with brynner, sheng, cassie, nat etc. in retrospec, we really did compliment each other well! :)
life was a lot simplier back then. perhaps it was partially because of the workload now, but i think it was largely because back then, we had each other to hold on to. its like the entire class was my best friend...and whenever i have a problem, there will always be someone there for me. it is like the whole class is my bestfriend!!! (i think i just repeated myself..:x)
yups. things were much simplier back then. i look forward to school everyday... to the extent that i cant sleep at night cause i want to come school?! haha. sounds extreme right?! BUT ITS TRUE! :)
though i really dont get to see u guys very often, those little titbits of us meeting for a short while will perk me up for the rest of the day! :) and it ALWAYS involves laughing. ALWAYS.
well i guess that was what made up a02. lots n lots of laughing gas! :)
i am really grateful that i got the chance of being in a02. though a02 will never be the same again, the memories are enough for me to hold on to. :)
i really am thankful.
for like what yux said, perfection only comes once.
we made perfection. be proud of that and hold on dearly to it.

love, Ruth.

KingADRIANthegreat [12:46 PM]


Its 6.45am now. And some wonder why im always late. I am just done bathing and with my usual morning mr.bean shows to perk me up and face the !@^!$!$*!*& day. =D

Lets start with the day.

I woke up half asleep wondering if it was friday, saturday or sunday. So i strolled out to my living room and to my greatest amusement, it smelt of shit! Alas, my cat had shitted in the balcony. Ignoring that fact, i tried to search for my stupid phone. To my greatest disappointment, it was a friday! So i went to bathe. Halfway thru it, Sam called to ask whether she could come to my house later and how to get here. So i ran outta my bathroom with something on, answered the call, and went back. Then i came out again, glued my butt to my chair and started blogging. Wooty!

Have a cheerful day ahead!

KingADRIANthegreat [6:45 AM]

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ok I am blogging on how *cough*wonderful*sacarsm drips* life is

I have no approved Preliminary Ideas to date, and tomorrow's the dateline.
Just came back from College Day rehearsal and it is quite late into the night already.
Shall pass up some rubbish about public bus doors being in the wrong place for PI.
I have 2 chinese essays to do.
2 chinese mock papers to complete.
Econs test to study for by tomorrow.
Physical geog tutorial worksheet on weathering by tomorrow.
Application question(GP) by tomorrow. (Guess who's my GP teacher?)
Human geography essay to write over the weekend.
Literature essay on King Lear.
Math tutorials and assignments for Trigo 1 and 2. (Although we are already at cartesian planes and coordinate geometry, mentally I am still stuck at Geometric Progression)
Econs TYS Data Response questions on price mechanism and multiple choice questions.
College Day food fair to worry about. (I am on the food committee, and suffered from severe diarrhoea problems after being the food taster on sunday.)
Many deadlines to meet and no time to breathe.
Speech to be written for the choir commitee elections. (I want the secretarial position so badly to the extent where I have designed the board already, lost sleep over it many times worrying about my friendly competitors and the level of their capability...etcetc.)

You may question the wisdom of me blogging when endless piles of tasks await, but I seriously don't give a damn about them. Christine asked if I could handle stress well, and I replied that I don't handle stress, I ignore it.

KingADRIANthegreat [10:58 PM]

ehhh dont mug too much

Eh is there nobody blogging these days? come on.. dont mug too much. When youre online set the homepage to 05a02.blogspot.com, then if no one left an entry, you cld always leave one to tell us how much life sucked or how much you missed us. =D If someone left an entry, read and then you respond in your own entry.

So either way, you gotta blog everyday. =D

KingADRIANthegreat [7:46 AM]

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


i've got a big secret to announce!
i've a crush!
and i feel a sudden need to tell everyone!!!!!!!!
I LOVE A02!!!!!!! (:

KingADRIANthegreat [8:18 PM]

Friday, May 06, 2005


4PM at boonlay MRT if u wanna make waffles with us or 7pm at orchard MRT for dinner.

Bring around 25 bucks. Safe range.


If you guys need a bank, try suiho. =D

KingADRIANthegreat [8:32 PM]

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I felt a little guilty after reading rhoda's entry. Im really sorry we kinda neglect you in GP but we really want you as part of us. I think its the selfish inclination in us, just as it is in every other human. I think as much as it is logical for A02 to relent its grip on those no longer in our class, emotionally, we aren't ready yet. Selfish perhaps. But this bond forged through time is almost certainly impossible to break. Maybe the time has come for us to pave our hearts for newcomers, for new classmates and new people who will leave footprints in our hearts. But the prints left by A02 is simply to great to cover up. This space in our hearts reserved for A02 will always be for A02. A02 was formed out of 22 individuals, and more were added to our midst. A02 is a special entity that only allows addition to them and zero subtraction. I love every A02-ian. Don't give us up. This saturday we go out okay? Everyone!!!

I love you guys.


KingADRIANthegreat [6:22 PM]

Monday, May 02, 2005

Who says I am throwing A02 away?

Ruth made me feel extremely guilty just the other day even if she did not intend to. She said I am giving you guys the impression that A02 means nothing to me already because I am very attached to A01.

I know I should not have sat with my A01 friends during GP and should have continued sitting with Adrian, Charlene and Ling Hui. But it seemed to me every GP lesson I am always seated at the side because I come in late from Geography, and when I sit at the side (especially beside Charlene) no one bothers to tell me aught that you guys are discussing and when you guys burst out laughing, no one bothers to share anything with me unless I ask, or unless I strain to hear.

I also know that I seldom go over to the A02 table and sit with you people during lunch. As Ruth so aptly puts it "I drop by all the time. Charmaine drops by once in a while. But you never drop by at all." It is not because I do not feel inclined to, but please understand that I am obliged to eat with my class.

Then Ruth said that it is possible to strike a balance between the time spent with both classes, so as to enjoy the best of both worlds. For her this is easy to achieve due to her outgoing and cheerful nature. But for me it is another matter entirely, I am not a very sociable person and I seek for stability and security when establishing friendships. If I attempt to flit to and fro from Ao1 to Ao2, I will be drifting in the middle of nowhere. On one hand I am not as close to you guys as we once were, and yet on the other I would not be close to my form class. Therefore the logical way out for me would be to devote almost all my attention solely to Ao1.

I am sorry this has to be the case, and can say no more except to promise to spent as much time as I can with you guys without jeopardising my relationship with my classmates.

KingADRIANthegreat [3:52 PM]

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