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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hi hI Hi HIIIII !!!!

HI 05A02 !!!!

What's up !!!! I love all of you !!! Yay!

Shermin !!!!!!

KingADRIANthegreat [7:14 PM]

hey hey next sat be free

ehhh next sat be free. class outing is postponed till then cause everyone's busy this sat. violent objections in tagboard. or else its everyone's free ar...

KingADRIANthegreat [6:29 PM]

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

hey everyone! heard that all those who ran for council from arts fac got in (: congrats! do your best okay. prove that everyone made the right choice. and also that arts fac rocks (:
congrats to the debators for winning and shermin! best speaker!! i heard you on radio that day haha yupyupyupyup. keep rocking.
all the best for whatever sports heats stuff!


KingADRIANthegreat [7:24 PM]

Saturday, April 23, 2005

today on the bus.

hey peeps. it was a bright and sunny day today. a good day to go macritchie for training. took the train down to bishan. and at bishan, i waited and waited for 156 to come! i was thinking to myself: what i met lulu on the bus today? wouldn't that be so cool?? so there i was sitting at the busstop, then subsequently boarding the bus. at the RI bus stop, i was looking at this SUPER cute guy on the bus when i saw that familiar red face. it was LULU!!!!!! haha! of all people to meet on the bus!!!! lulu!!!! i miss you so much!!! go cut your hair like mine!! so sorry i had to go down early. or i wld have stayed with you on the bus all the way to your sch. yup. it's so nice to you on the bus!!! like its so fated you know.. hahas. i love today. coz today, i saw lulu.

KingADRIANthegreat [9:13 PM]


harlow all! i didn blog for quite some time liao eh. was being reali lazy n stuff. oh well. haha i suppose to be studying now. oops. think im surely goin to fail my first maths lecture test liao haha. didn noe how to do ap gp sumation then my binomial n partial fracs like so suck lidat la. oh well. hahah n i got 9 over 20 for my first econs mcq test. lol. power rite? haha im dead! like wat i told all of ur. the pple here all under influence to not study hard wan. die liao! hahah today they wanna go town study la. like how to focus rite. so i didn go. n i stayed at home n guess wat? hahah the whole afternoon i spend sleepin and lazing around. haha read like only 1 page of the geo textbk. straler. haha so heavy la. 2kg i think. yup. n sucks la. nafa round the corner n im stil like short of 10 plus cm for my standing broad. the other can get A wan! maybe sit n reach not so stretchy la. but then my standing broad not even C la. hehe. im goin church later! n hopefulyl charlene goin too cause she got my letter from yux! yay! hehe so happy! n im also goin to write back. so pple! charlene can be our messenger! hehe char don mind rite? hehe. thx alot! hahah yup. miss ur guys lots even as i get on n adapt wif my life here. finally decided to go for it and run for council cause of many factors. dunno la. gd frens tell me i should. oh well. n tt day was house comm election day. the romanis house which is green n arts fac nominees were so pathetic la. we had to vote for 5 pple. but i only tick 3. cause the rest i thought like no reason to vote for. maybe im abit mean la. hahah but reali la. then tell say those who nv tick 5 will be forfeited haha. so wateva la.. then i saw my arts fren from ac. he was liek u go run for council sure get in wan. cause its again by house wan. so i my ego was boosted n i decided to run lo! haha smiles.. hoopefully the competition won be tt great but still be there. if not..... wah the coucil damn sad liao la. oh well haha . i guess its the speech tt create the most impact to vote the person or not. cause tt mostly wat i based my votes on as i don even noe those pple la. hehe. hope ur doin really fine! next time maybe when i come back is to assk ur for studies help hahah! then mus help me k! lulu also RJ wan ar. should be of higher ceilibert. haha i kant speel . ur all should noe. smiles . actually after typin im feelin reali go its like to ur. tellin ur all my stories after tt time we had separated. hehe. miss e ernest n sincere of a02. i tell ur sumthin. hoepfully my class pple wont be reading this. hahah at sa, my class hor very fun. no offence but the gals reali more fun then e gals at nj. but hor. i feel tt most of them so superficial n fake wan. hahahahah really la. dunno. hehe. guess its jus 2 type of personality. hehe okie so prolly tt all for now. hahaha wonder how much i hav said. study hard pple! i will be praying for all n missin all! next time hor if i ever get to my dream of my own restuarant we can hav a free meal n class gatherin there hahaha. but i tink tt jus a dream hehe. so oh well! frens forever ya! tc! n God bless the souls of A02! muacks!

*sumone who tinks abt a02* waahahah

KingADRIANthegreat [2:39 PM]

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

HEY all!! good job to all the people who made speeches today! =)
i only saw charlene's and charmaine's ones, but yeah..good job to the rest!! i heard ruth's one was very touching, as reported by gummy heng who said she wanted to cry when she heard ruth's one. wahaha..
i didnt know it was so obvious that my nj uniform was not ironed.. haha!! sorry la, adrian, u big dulan person!!
anyway, let me tell you guys about my rj classmate!! he skips school every friday to go to AC.. and he blogged about his ac trips and included pics of himself in the ac uniform and all that, and how he was amused by the ac prayers in the morning..
and the ac principal somehow saw his blog and was SUPER angry and informed the rj principal who then proceeded to scold my classmate.. and the discipline head is going to see my classmate's parents on monday to discuss whether my classmate is gonna stay on in rj. (in other words, they're going to kick him out for ponning sch to go to ac..) what the hell right?!?!?! i didnt know principals were so bitchy la..so i felt a sense of trepidation and terror when i walked into nj today wearing the nj u... haha..
anyway the moral of the story is... err, dun blog cos the principals might see what you're blogging! as in, seriously.. the rj principal goes around looking at rj pple's blogs. what the hell?!?!?! i shall remain anonymous in this entry, in case he sees this!
erm...life in rj is sian as usual. haha.. but my class is warming up and it's getting better!! although the classmate who goes to ac every friday, likes to eat his nails in class, and i squirm everytime i see him eating and biting his nails so furiously..
there's also a girl in my class called Pinky, and we all dislike her. She has a pink scrunchie, a bright pink pencilbox, pink highlighters, pink bag, pink shoes, pink shoelaces, pink face, etc etc. and the pink just looks totally weird on her, cos she's kinda short and dark and plump and yah..our class has sort of bonded together in our dislike for her. so mean, i noe..haha.. but ya... arrrgghhhh. i feel sick of her pinkiness. AND she isnt a nice person either.
hmm..other than that..everything is all right, i guess.
i'm getting sick of the cute guys here. hoping to spot ugly ones around school...wahaha! just kidding la..
anyway, can u all pls reply and confirm whether you all are free on saturday? and whether we can meet in the afternoon or evening yah??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

KingADRIANthegreat [4:19 PM]

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Class Outing

kk cass says 30th (sat) we go out can?

Think of a place to go to, plus a reply in the chatbox. =D

KingADRIANthegreat [5:56 PM]

Saturday, April 16, 2005


argh beng ahh fail spelling. me is adrian, and me is boy. just like jeff is. we're boys!!!

haha okok. i think you guys are a little depressed these days, a02 seems a little lifeless, but please please let this be temporary ok?


okay i enjoyed friday like crap. everyone searching for curry crunch, everyone on a bus laughing. and NAT!!! She came (even tho she was a lost bird) but she still found us!!

We have one more okay okay? Go somewhere next week. Sat/Fri/Sun choose!!!

-live the ao2 spirit-


KingADRIANthegreat [3:00 PM]

beng ahhh here...
i love A02. muacks muacks muacks muacksss.....
for ppl who no longer share the A02 spirit anymoreeee...that's too bad for youu.
thanks cassy and sheng and brynner for coming back to nj. it's niceee seeing you ppl. thanks nat for coming to SYF! it was so niceee seeing you. my babieesss! i can see your LURVE for A02~~
we're still having a helluva time! wahahahaha!
i love A02. am loving it....
btw, jason is jayson??? how to spell ur name?
ohhh, our class guys are pervert! sheng did u catch that????? i wish u were here larrr.
they're bullying me!!!!! ha! (:
thanks chris, for picking me up when i need one.
thanks steph, shuheng. best pals to tok to!
and to everyone.........i love u girlsssss(plus adRian+jeff)....the rest...too BAD!?
hahaha....oh my GOSH!
im happy today. wheeeeee! for once lar....
-im crapping-

KingADRIANthegreat [11:54 AM]

Friday, April 15, 2005

i love ignis!! and a02!!!
haha. on monday in geog class, we were learning that "igneous" means "born of fire" or something.. so, like, igneous rocks come from molten magma, so they're called igneous rocks.. or whatever la, and i couldnt resist singing the "i love ignis" song during lecture. "...all i want is IGNIS!!"
ok..that was so random.
haha, but just wanted to let you all know... i'm always thinking about a02!!! love you all loads, and all the best to those who are taking part in the student council elections...!!!!
i shall try to crash the student council speeches on wednesday... yay!!! =)


KingADRIANthegreat [10:43 PM]

Continuation of previous blog

JaySON here

Finally. found time to continue writing my post.. sorry for the late continuation. Got to get to know u guys so much better now, so can write with more relevance. :)

Sophie - HAHA... thanks for all the laughs man! so impressed by ur ability to speak mandarin!! power man! your joyful and frank exterior makes all those around u so comfortable in ur presence.. good good!

Benny - sorry for "boo-ing" u up during econs the other day... couldnt resist the temptation to scare u! :P hope u don't mind :). u're such a nice chap, always friendly and nice nice smile for anyone that passes ur way.

Sam - Yo!!! hey, u're a realyl friendly gal with no qualms about sharing ur problems, and i think it's really great that u're willing to open up to even share ur stresses in class. Well, an encouragement that u can relax, cos it aint all tt hard. (:

Steph - hey-lo! got to chat w u a little on e bus today... ur jokes man.. woah! haha... xia mian yang xi le... WEM... :p/ haha... u mus help me in my chinese ok? thanks for ur jokes... really mm... entertaing ;)

Charlene - Wa! ur councilor pic damn chio man! haha... excellent that u've got such an endearing personality to go with ur frame! Plus, u're a friend who's willing to go the extra mile for ur friends, like planning for Jeff's dance! Thanks sister!

Shu Qi - Ms Tallsofunny.. why u always suan me? tsktsk... HAHA... not tt i mind! thanks for thechocs!

sara - wanna join siew and me for dinner, her mom's cooking pasta on Tue... really good! ;) haha... u are such a nice person!

and Shu Heng - Ur cheerful smile and willingness to help, and play is a trait i should learn from u!

Ok.. Yeah.. didnt leave out anyone rite?


PS future councilors: write in to grayvine to publicise please? It was Judith's and my idea to do this feature article... we didn't think of the questions though... :)

KingADRIANthegreat [8:41 PM]

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Kk all A02-ians (yeah ALL)

we've something to do on college day (May smtg), that is to set up a stall and sell food (hehe.. FOOD!)

k see we've 5 categories: Drinks/Deserts/Main Entree/Halal or Vegetarian/ OPEN

Open means u can sell anything in any amounts. As for the drink/deserts, only ONE type. Say u want root beer float. Thats Root Beer + Ice cream. So that goes into the OPEN category.

Ill elaborate in class. Kk so in the meanwhile can you guys help to think of ideas of what to sell? Something that makes profits. Some pathetic class last year made a loss of 30 bucks and they even had to reimburse that. Quite sad lah. Best decoration for stalls wins prizes too. Same for highest intake and best business proposal. So yeah, work work.

kk see you guys in school tml~!


KingADRIANthegreat [10:22 PM]

i love u pple!!! leave ur name behind when u blog. MUACK MUACK MUACK!
sheng :)

KingADRIANthegreat [9:05 PM]

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the truth in cheese.

Sigh. I was listening to the radio and thinking about, you know, us. And then this song started playing, and I felt it encompassed the essence of A02? So. Here it is, with my heart and all. This is what I believe we share, with the bits that describe us so well highlighted as such.

Come stop your crying, it will be all right
Just take my hand, hold it tight
I will protect you from all around you
I will be here don’t you cry
For one so small, you seem so strong -we're a tiny class, but we're tough!-
My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm
This bond between us can’t be broken -I'm sure you all understand beneath the surface-
I will be here don’t you cry
And you’ll be in my heart -and I'll never forget-
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say -sui ho-
You’ll be here in my heart
Why can’t they understand the way we feel -directed at unsympathetic authoritarians >O-
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different but deep inside us -It's amazing how we click despite our variations :D-
We’re not that different at all
And you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart
Don’t listen to them, cause what do they know
We need each other, to have and to hold -Each and every one of you=important to me + A02-
They’ll see in time, I know
When destiny calls you, you must be strong -For the A02ians who've left-
I may not be with you, but you gotta hold on
They’ll see in time, I know -Let's prove ourselves, A02! XD-
We’ll show them together cause
You’ll be in my heart
I believe, you’ll be in my heart

I’ll be there from this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart always
I’ll be with you
I’ll be there for you always
Always and always
Just look over your shoulder -The class will always be behind every Ao2ian, past and present-
Just look over your shoulder
Just look over your shoulder
I’ll be there always

To the new A02ians, thanks for offering me fresh experiences. To those who’ve already coloured my memory, you’ll always be in me, with me. Cassandra, I didn’t manage to spend time with you on Friday!! It’s good that you keep scribbling about your RJ life, it helps keep us updated : ) Brynner, Sheng and Nat, must do the same kayyy.

My friends, I have a dream (HAHA!!!): Can we not exclude the other arts people? I think they see us as quite cliquish cause we. uh. distinguish our positions, esp in the canteen. Hence. The first step. Can I propose we shift to sit nearer them? I really really need your support here, I can’t do all this alone too big eck exhausted ah hyper hyper die die you get what I mean. Please, before I submit to desperation and let it all fall apart, disappointing similar-minded comrades in the process? I hope I’m not asking for too much >_<;; I just want UNITY (ee I’m such a hippie)
…I hate expressing myself. I hope y’all got what I’m struggling to get across. Man, NOSTALGIA BLOWS.

KingADRIANthegreat [11:15 PM]

The truth in cheese.

Sigh. I was listening to the radio and thinking about, you know, us. And then this song started playing, and I felt it encompassed the essence of A02? So. Here it is, with my heart and all. This is what I believe we share, with the important phrases that describe us so well highlighted as such.

Come stop your crying, it will be all right
Just take my hand, hold it tight
I will protect you from all around you
I will be here don’t you cry
For one so small, you seem so strong -we're a tiny class, but we're tough!>O-
My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm
This bond between us can’t be broken
I will be here don’t you cry
And you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart
Why can’t they understand the way we feel -this bit's addressed to unsymapthetic authoritarians-
They just don’t trust what they can’t explain
I know we’re different but deep inside us
We’re not that different at all -it's so amazing how we really click despite variations!!-
And you’ll be in my heart
Yes, you’ll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart
Don’t listen to them, cause what do they know -don't let pessimisms (from Sui ho) get us down : ) -
We need each other, to have and to hold
They’ll see in time, I know -let's prove ourselves, A02!-
When destiny calls you, you must be strong -for our most treasured A02ians who've left <3-
I may not be with you, but you gotta hold on
They’ll see in time, I know
We’ll show them together cause -in other words, build art family, SOON!!!-
You’ll be in my heart
I believe, you’ll be in my heart
I’ll be there from this day on
Now and forever more
You’ll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You’ll be here in my heart always
I’ll be with you
I’ll be there for you always
Always and always
Just look over your shoulder -the class will always be behind every A02ian-
Just look over your shoulder
Just look over your shoulder
I’ll be there always

I miss the old times, but I'm welcoming fresh experiences. To the new A02ians, thanks for offering me that. To the ones who've already coloured my memory, you know you're irreplaceable. My friends, I have a dream (HAHA!!) : trying to reconcile everyone so all can feel united and belonged, but it's really hard and exhausting. If we really want this we need to take action, not just visualize. Can A02 shift to the side of the canteen to sit with the other Arts classes? I think we seem kinda cliquish to them, distinguishing our position. I hope I'm not asking for too much here >_<;; and I really really need your help, before I submit to desperation and let it all fall apart, disappointing similar-minded comrades in the process. In short, SOS!
Aah, Cassandra, I didn't have much time to talk to you on Friday!! And no, you're not boring us with RJ news, cause I think it important that you keep us updated with your life! Nat, Sheng, Brynner too!

...I hate expressing myself. I sooper hope you all got what I've been rambling about. NOSTALGIA BLOWS.

KingADRIANthegreat [10:26 PM]

Sunday, April 10, 2005

You guys suck! While reading all of your posts, i started to feel tears welling up...again.....& if i may say so myself, i have cried enough the past few weeks to last my entire stay in jc.
I never used to be this emotional until i came to a02. I didnt cry when i left either of my old schools.....i didnt shed a tear at prom or at my graduation when i would be leaving my friends. But i couldnt stop the flow of tears when i left a02......You see what you guys do to me!!!
I really miss all of you & though i know that things have changed with a couple of us shifting to other classes....i just want to say that the past 3 months have been the best ones in my life. I have never been in the company of any group more lovelier, friendlier, and wonderful than the people i spent the last few months with.....No matter what happens, i will always love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of LOVE,

KingADRIANthegreat [5:42 PM]

love you guys

I'm at my mom's office, supposed to be doing work, but i just had to check the blog... My com's been down since before the 2nd orientation and when i read through all the entries i was really really touched by all the messages posted... I know that even though we aren't all in the same class, or even school, our friendship and love will not change. Karen's *plan* really is the natural way we should go if we want to keep the spirit alive and make it grow, and i have tried, ever since knowing about it, to realise it... All the socialising has been draining mentally and emotionally and i go home and literally vegetate to keep up the energy level... Sophia told me that i have had a personality swing after the 1st three months... But i know that the arts fac, through our efforts, is well on it way to becoming a giant A02... To all the ex-Ao2ians in Ao1 or 3, don't ever, ever doubt that we won't continue to grow in our friendship and love. You don't need to be torn between loyalty to Ao2 and another class, or between Ao2 and your CCA (whooo Liyana!) because we are INclusive not EXclusive... Make friends with everyone! If this sounds like a total turn around from my early stoner days, it is. But on that day when class postings came out, and i saw the girls crying, i realised: what we have is real. What we have is special. This is the stuff dreams are made of and we have to hold on to them. So i will do anything, everything to keep this. And to the new Ao2ians, if you're feeling overwhelmed, you're feeling what i felt when Ao2 started to get loud and bubbly... Culture shock maybe? Don't feel guilty (Jason!), we don't blame you guys and we LOVE you! And, in time (sooner better than later!) you'll realise that our loudness is not because we want to attract attention - it's because we are happy and we are loved. To those in other schools, don't ever feel despair or frustration that your class is dead or that you can't have Ao2 back - because i'm 100% sure that whenever you need A02 we'll be there for you! Come back and visit us often ya? And finally to old AO2ians, keep our spirit alive! Don't you dare let it die. This sort of thing happens only once in a lifetime, if you're lucky... Rock on! Ok now i have to do geog... See ya!

Jonathan Mark Winston Tse

KingADRIANthegreat [11:08 AM]

Saturday, April 09, 2005

hey all! i'm blogging since adrian says the blog is empty and devoid of people!
anyway...just an update on my rj life..sobsob..
actually my class is getting better la..
the average number of words they speak a day has now been upgraded to ten words!!!
HURRAH!!! bravo!!
just kidding la.

actually they're quite alright now, except that every now and then, i cant stand it when silence sinks back in...but i guess i'm adjusting.
the porridge at rj is quite nice, by the way.
haha, sorry, just crapping.
and the snacks stall auntie at NJ is a meano!
let me complain abt her!

on friday i bought Pocky strawberry sticks from her, and they were at an alarming price of ONE DOLLAR!!!
that is so...ludicrous la!!
i was so taken aback..
sophie says im mad, and havent i bought pocky biscuits before?
well, duh, no.
i didnt expect it to be so expensive!! that is equivalent to a bowl of mee!
den i exclaimed in shock and terror, "WAHH, da qiang ah! (for the chinese illiterate, it translates into: daylight robbery ah!")
and the auntie scolded me vehemently, "what robbery? how dare you say i'm robbing you? then you still buy from me? huh? ..." (i forgot what else she said, because it was an intelligible mess of curses and chinese swear words at me)
i was quite taken aback by the auntie.
hello?!?! no need to take me so seriously right?!

i digress. let me go back to the topic of erm, rj. i've a lit teacher who has not worn any other shirt other than a Giordano v-necked tee-shirt since the start of school in Jan3. (as reported by my other classmates) and she likes to sit down and squeeze her arms together...and tada! our eyes are stung by the horrid obscene sight!!
i feel utterly lost by Shakespeare. we're doing Measure for Measure now.
my lit teacher likes to say that the character Angelo is very perverse, but i think my lit teacher is as perverse as Angelo.
hey yux, heard you all are doing Measure for MEasure too!
pls tell me what's going on in the story, cos i really really really feel very very very lost during lessons.

my human geog teacher is a veryvery funny, amusing and entertaining man. he's a great teacher!!
and my physical geog teacher is a very good too, as i've highlighted many times...student who surpasses her teacher (aka miss ting!)
my econs teacher is very poor thing. nobody answers him when he talks to us, and he is reduced to tears (and also sweat, as his entire chest and back is soaked with salty sweat) as he pleads with us, "please...let me just hear your voice... c'mon, you've got to learn to talk to me.."

WAHAHHA... damn funny sia.. but nobody replies him..except me, and my answers are crap, so i think he's fedup with our class on the whole. sorry if i've bored you with my update on rj!!
but ya, that's abt all. i feel quite sian in school la.

anyway, can we pls pls pls pls have an a02 outing soon! (newbies plus oldies!) =)


KingADRIANthegreat [9:41 PM]

Friday, April 08, 2005

ehhh newbies..

hallo~ actually my entry should be quite short nia, cause all i wanna say is i hope you guys open up really quickly.

See A02 is a really beautiful class. to enjoy the true measure of such beauty, you'll first need to appreciate it, and to love it. every day you take to open up, is one day lost to embrace such beauty. i lost three months. so basically ill only have 1 year and 9 months to love A02. thats regretable. so yeah, not that you should force yourselves, but adapt really quickly okay?

Only A02.


KingADRIANthegreat [10:36 PM]

my babies. my class!

hello to all the lovely little ones in A02! first and foremost, let me extend my sincerest welcomess to the newbies!
i hope you're having the time of your life, jus like how each and everyone A02-ian in the first 3mths had the time of our lives! embrace this class ya? cos it's the class where you'll experience sadness, happiness, joys, laughters, sorrows, smiles and tears...*emotional roller-coaster. that's why life was sooo interesting for all of us! i hope the newbies get a chance to meet those who left, they're are really the SPIRIT of A02.
to those who left: you know you're sorely sorely missed!
to those who just arrived: you know you're mostly welcome into this family, where 22(+7) hearts beat as one!
to all newbies, if i had been hostile to you the past weeks, i wanna say a big big "sorry" from the bottom of my heart. i'm not someone who embrace changes. if you ask me, ya. i'd rather have my A02 back. if you ask around, im actually the latest to get bonded with the class lo. it took me a great deal of time. but once i bear my heart to A02, my love and heart jus goes out to this superbly wonderful superglueyily-bonded class. (: like i once did, i will always love A02, till my last breath...
here's out to each and every new A02-ian...
jason: so clever. forever speaking up in Lit lesson. *admire admire* well, the first time i saw you in the canteen, i kinda like you already. maybe cos you looked very familiar, it's as if i knew you. (: i'm LINGHUI by the wayy. not beng ah! with that accent of yours, it's really funny when you call me beng ah! lol...
sheryl/shu fen: forever sticking together couple! forever so frendly. i nv intro, but they also know me. (see this, jason?) i hope you girls are having fun!
sam: forever doing your work. so discipline. you and benny! ah, oh so cutttteeeee! (:
benny: "why so quite?" "ORH!" haha...cute cute and still cute. i'd never believe you were in npcc lar. not so gung ho and lian like me. ha!
sara: i thought your name was "sarah", jus like i thought sophia was "sophie". but anyway, now i know. forever quiet. only talking to judith. maybe i wasnt sociable enough. but well, hoping to hear from you. more more more!
shu qi: so chio. so tall. one word: envy!
yeps. i didnt miss out anyone. yayyys. im goooood at remembering names. nah, i only rmb ppl from A02. it's amazing how i memorise the names of 22 ppl jus within mins on our 1st day of orientation. rmb the names game we played? so darn fun lar. and the 3things, pick the one right one? hahahs... that's when everyone knew i LURVE soccer. (yayys. one more thing to know about me!)
love love and more more love,
linghui aka beng ah!

KingADRIANthegreat [9:37 PM]

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

thanks so much

hi all, jas here.

having read some of the entries online and really experiencing the 05a02 class spirit 1st hand, ur camaradarie and love towards each other, i'm really humbled to be in such a class. being so new to nj and the class, there are so many instances when ur love really touches my heart, of how dearly (and indeed very painfully) missed are the A02-ians who got transferrred over to the other classes; the way you cheer and give ur heart to all that u do; the way u dance... So awesome!!!

to be honest, there are many times when i feel so guilty that i'm in the class, a reason why u guys are split up... because of the 2nd-intakers. yet u pple are so nice and friendly towards all of the 2nd-intakers, assimilating us into ur culture, ur lifestyle, ur laughs, ur spirit. A sincere thank you.

btw, i hope i don't offend anyone by my apparent lack of memory to remember names... yah... this sudden splash of new faces and personalities is so overwhelming, so gimme jus abit more time to get ur names rite, ok? i got MOST of ur names alry, so here's a note to who i can remember... (apologies to those i leave out... ur notes are under construction)

SPECIAL thanks to:
1) Kurt - thanks so much for being such a pal, and the first person i know, on my inaugral day in school.. filling me in with all the happenings in class, and being so friendly even before i actually met up with the rest of the class. Ur sensitivity to those around u is indeed admirable, how u make everyone feel so at ease!!! btw, heard u're the class intellectual... so next time got math problem i find u k? ;P

2) Shu Fen, Joanna - this important person who had done me!!! haha... in math that is. thanks for ur help in GP! from the few conversations i had with u, it was clear that u really love God and His pple! so yah... i'll be coming down for ur cf sessions and am looking forward to it!

3) Jeff - Mr. Darlie... haha charming smile on ur face! Ur affable nature makes u such great company! Ur dancing prowess makes anyone look like a klutz, impressive and smooth... i really feel like will hung next to u.. thanks for all ur laughs... haha... adds on to the atmosphere of the class dont u think? :)

4) Karen - William Hung eh? "she bangs, she bangs...." dots!! haha... really interesting how u make the association.. anyway, it was a pleasure knowing u and am so looking forward to us working together now that we are in the same GP group... sorry sister, looks like u're stuck with WH... :p

5)Judith - Our budding photographer!!! or paparazzi? jus kiddin'! wow... the pics u took were really funky and artistic... always vibrant and full of optimism, u're really... COOL!!

6) Shermin - ur highness' candor and affability are indeed virtues many aspire towards and miss. haha... yup.. ur passion's really outstanding... and i notice that that is really exemplified in ur WHATEVER action... smooth! pleasure knowin u... and man, wht a small world! Esther's friend...

7) Adrian, president of OBS, u're so bloody good fun to watch... haha... i can't help but chuckle at all ur gestures, expressions and witty remarks.. haha.. considered drama? and u are damn funky lah! and friendly... wow!

8) Hao Guang!!! fellow Wesleyan too!!! cool... great sport! funky attitude, and yet so nice and unassuming!! nice to know tt i've gotta bro in class!!Wow!! catch up with u sometime in church!!!

9) Sheryl... hello!!! haha... well... it's been really a pleasure knowing u and sincerest thanks for informing me about cf in NJC... din thot that i'll get tt here!! :)

10) Beng ah.. or ling hui! Sorry i really din catch ur name, got it right now, right?... but ur bubbly character has indeed been such an inspiration for me... it always feels so cheery in ur presence.. :)

11) Christine. wow... miss apple tree/tomato bush! so cool knowing u. ur eagerness to bond and ur affection for ur friends are such admirable traits!!! really like ur name, and i see u really living up to it in Christ!! :)

just pass the half way mark... well, its eleven now.. will continue tmr... thanks for ur hospitality again!! btw, i realise i can fit all ur names to ur faces!! the pple remaining are: Sophie, Benny, Sam, Steph, Charlene, Shu Qi, sara, and Shu Heng... sorry no time now.... write to u tmr k???

good nite!

KingADRIANthegreat [11:15 PM]

Monday, April 04, 2005


yo ^^ judith here~

I just read through the previous few entries and well, I was really moved half to tears. I really wish I could cry and let it out, but I just can't. Maybe because I just too used to shutting things away and just concentrating on being rational that I don't cry easily in situations like these. Really sucks sometimes. So I simply go around taking photos, hoping to capture whatever precious little moments we can have together, hoping to capture the feeling that I get everytime I'm with all of you. I don't succeed often, but that doesn't stop me from trying ^^

Yeah, was thinking on everything that has happened to me for the past 3 months...or for that matter, all my life. I've always been able to pray my way through things, and somehow get so much more than I deserve, but the best thing that has ever happened to me was getting a class like A02. Maybe I was a little intimidated by the sheer enthusiasm everyone showed at first, but that feeling soon wore off to be replaced by a sense of joy. It's so wonderful to be accepted for who you are in a class of so many diverse personalities; when you know that whenever someone starts something, the entire class will unite together as one to back that one person up. We play, we study, we talk and sing and have fun everywhere we go...that's something really special about A02, our sense of unity, and our ever present sense of fun. To our ogls who have shared so many great times and been there for us every step of the way, thank you so very very much~ Your presence has always been a great source of comfort and support for all of us, and you are a part of the A02 story as all of us are ^^

Dance party brought back so many memories, as does every school day and every place in NJ. Everywhere I go, I can almost see the memories play back in my mind about the times we spent together, and it seems that A02 has left its footprint on every cornerstone in the NJ that I know. My photos are simply poor reflections of the many great times we spent together, and though it's only my own little selfish way of holding on to the memories just a little longer, I will continue to photograph the things I love most. Let's continue to write the story of A02, chapter by chapter, even as we go on k? To remember the story, of how a class of 22 unique individuals came together to walk down this path, in both our hearts and our minds~

The unity that we shared doesn't diminish just because some of us are in different classes. It's not something that physical distance could destroy. I know for a fact that A02 has changed all of us, or affected us in one way or another, and that each of us carries that with us wherever we go. Perhaps in little ways, when we smile more or laugh at a joke or bitch about ms teo together...but these things make up A02. Our memories, how it has affected us, how this enthusiasm and fighting spirit keeps burning long after the circumtstances decree that we should split...

just to share a little something I wrote some time ago...

Living in a world of my own...dreaming of a future that's not mine to control...holding on to a past that's forever gone...and living in the present like there's no tomorrow.

A02 will always be part of my past, present and tomorrow~

Rock on! Our spirit will never die ^^ because each and every one of us embodies the spirit of A02~

oh yeah, I promise I'd scan in my photos as soon as my brother helps me reconnect the scanner to the main computer (which may take a while because he needs it for his university work for some obscure reason) anyway, I finally managed to develop them! ^^ sorry that the talentime pics are very blurred, but some of the rest turned out pretty nice ^^ I'd bring them to school tml ~

for the most enthusiastic, funky, caring and united group of people I've ever known-

april 4th, monday, 8.40pm

KingADRIANthegreat [7:25 PM]

and life goes on.

last friday night, i was sitting at home in bed with a storybook in my lap. every five minutes i looked up at the clock and thought about you guys, and missed you all more. when i finally started crying my mum thought it was because my headache was getting worse.

i wish i could have been there. i wish i could've seen charmaine and jeff dancing their butts off like before. i wish i could've seen sophie and shermin go crazy. i wish i could've hung out with erni trying not to get trampled over by the crazy congo line. i wish i could've seen a02 together again. i wish i could've seen the ogls. i wish i could've screwed up the mass dance with all of you. i wish i had the chance to experience the nj spirit at its best one more time. i wish a lot of things. sometimes i wish i didn't love writing so much, because that's the only reason i could bring myself to leave njc and a02.

you guys were family. you guys are family. i am possibly one of the most socially retarded people i know, and i'm painfully conscious of that. i was terrified of starting out in a new school, a new environment, a whole new world of people unlike anyone i'd ever interacted with before, but the warmth and the bond that we formed was incredible. i woke up every morning wanting to go to school, to be with you all, to get to know you better and to cement our friendships. you will never know how much you guys really impacted me.

i got a lot closer to some of you than the rest, but i would never hesitate in calling any of you friends. the past ten weeks have meant more to me than the past ten years i've spent in ij, and i would never believe that such strong feelings can come from such a short timeframe if i hadn't spent it with all of you. i love you guys, and i'm definitely never going to forget the time we spent together. i miss it, and i treasure it, and i doubt i'm ever going to experience anything as wonderful as a02 again.

there's so much i learnt from all of you, about being strong and being who you are, about expressing yourself and not being afraid of what other people think. so on top of everything else, i want to say thank you. for all the little moments we've spent together that you may not remember, but that meant the world to me.

to the ogls: thank you for making the effort to get to know us, for being nice, for your enthusiasm, for helping us settle in school, for looking out for us even after you helped us settle in, for putting up with us, for going out of your way to make us feel at home, for making us feel like we could go to you for advice, for help, or just to talk.

to adrian: for being the complete opposite of the person i thought you'd be. for making any class bearable. for teaching us all the wrong things (like how to pon class all the time!). and for pointing out that i would be paying way more than my share of the cookie if we split the fish and co. dinner equally.

to brynner: for being our very own male cheerleader. for stopping outside every shop at far east to look at your reflection and fix your hair and shirt. for pretending to be from nj's rugby team. (ahaha) for being the anchor behind the talentime dance. and for telling the most corny jokes i have ever heard from the first time we went out for a class dinner at serene centre.

to charmaine: for not being as scary as you seemed. for being so damn smart/analytical. for always speaking your mind. for liking old british actors. for having fantastic taste in music ;). for being so fun to talk to. for telling our english class i want 7 kids. for being so damn adorable around jeff. (ahahaha. don't kill me!) for being so entirely fanatical about p&p. and for becoming one of the best friends i've made in njc.

to christine: for thinking that everyone is either handsome, pretty, or charming. for giving so much, so often. for going out with two boys at the same time. :) for volunteering to go to the maldives. for the seashell. for being such an essential part of the a02 spirit. and for being so unbelievably on all the time.

to erni: for making it so easy to like you from day one. for being so motherly. for wowing everybody by your elegance at the fish & co. dinner :D. for sharing your problems with me. for being so responsible, even if you take on too much sometimes. for always being nice. for the cross-stitch. for all your sweet notes. for defending me when i couldn't defend myself. for always being a shoulder to cry on. for letting me be your friend. for all the times we talked about not-so-girly things. for the rose on valentine's. for being the best friend i could ask for in njc. for being strong even when things aren't going your way. i love you big time.

to haoguang: for having a sister in ij. heh. for being so artistic it can be overwhelming. for being such a sport. for being a02's haoie, and not protesting. too much. for the two times we went home together. for not being as quiet as i thought you were. and for proving me right when i said you were a nice person.

to jeff: for not being a shithead (haha). for being evil because you can. for laughing like... something very loud. for every single conversation we've had -- very few people make me laugh like you can. for not spoiling the dan brown book for me. for thinking of me when no one else did. for the random smses. for trying to trick me into thinking you were your mother! for wanting to be a mugger. for the late nights on msn. for becoming such a good friend. for all this, and so much more. <3

to judith: for all your little notes that made me cry. for trying to convince me to stay. for showing me your poems. for your passion for photography. for trying out for air rifle even though you didn't think you'd make it. for just being there to talk to. for being responsible, so much more than i could ever be. for anime!slash. haha. for always being nice. for putting up with me for so long, and never complaining. *hugs*

to karen: for showing me that all the drawings on the internet really are done by real people, i would never have believed it if you hadn't shown me your work. for being able to tell me about the man of my dreams better than i could. ;) for your sweet belated valentine's note. for practically doing the class banner on your own. for never being afraid to say what you think. for practicing tact, when you want to. for always being true to yourself. for showing me that it takes all kinds, and for every morning spent at the grandstand.

to kiki: for repeatedly trying to play matchmaker to rhoda. for answering to such a bimbotic name. for putting 150% into everything you do. for your relative patience. for being so hardworking! for being fun to hang around. and for, most importantly, ending up less intimidating than i thought you were. :)

to kurt: for being so, incredibly talented. for asking to write in my book, i was really amazed. for proving to me that not all boys write in chicken scrawl! for starting weird things like the 'clique' list. for not letting anyone talk you out of your cynicism. for being so modest. for playing wei qi with yourself, heh. and for becoming a friend.

to linghui: for being the best gp rep ever! for being such a sports buff. for watching f1, sometimes. haha. for calling yourself a 'mu zhu', and for wanting eleven kids! that's five more than i want! for always being so nice, and easygoing. and for always having something nice to say about everyone.

to liyana: for calling my cake 'orgasmic' ahahahahahaha. for making the first move and talking to lulu and i on the second day of orientation. for being so determined. for being a motivator, and a very firm one. for showing me that self discipline is a very powerful thing. for always making people laugh. for helping me with my cross-stitch. and, of course, for the bread gang. ;)

to lulu: for being the only other ij girl in our sec 4 class to apply for nj arts. for getting into the same class as me. :) for reminding me that ij is and will always be my school, and that nj's a whole new chapter. for being so easy to hang around with. for making everyone laugh like mad all the time. for always suggesting bishan when everyone else lives on the other side of the world. and for always staying true to yourself, just like in ij.

to rhoda: for all the conversations we've had, during gp and out of it. for being as useless in cultual mapping as i was. (ahaha) for showing me true passion every time you sang. for sharing your writing. for all our debates over legolas. :D for being okay with slash, most of the time. and for teaching me it's okay to say what you feel.

to ruth: for 'beng ah'. :) for never being afraid to be yourself. for refusing to lose 'scissors paper stone' to brynner on the bus. haha. for your undying enthusiasm. for everything you've done for a02. for not being afraid to say how much you like keefe. (heh) and also, for keeping the a02 spirit burning bright wherever you go.

to sheng: for being a natural-born leader. for stepping up to the plate when you had to. for always making the class laugh. for admitting that you cried over a02. for being strong enough to tell us that right now, the only thing we can do is move on, without forgetting to keep in touch. for trying to dance in talentime. and for always being yourself, even if it means other people are laughing at you. :)

to shermin: for being the funkiest person i've met in njc. for always wanting to attend classes. for having big dreams and the guts to tell everyone how you're going to go for them. for helping with my sisters' zhou ji. ahaha. for always being so chirpy in the mornings. for having kickass taste.

to shuheng: for being the nicest, friendlist, funniest person to me on the first day we spent together as a class. for not taking math and always laughing at us about it. :) for letting us tease you (mostly because you couldn't stop us, anyway) and for staying nice throughout the first ten weeks every time we spoke.

to sophie: for providing a listening ear every time i needed one. for letting me return the favour whenever i could. for talking things out when you didn't always have to be nice enough to. for being terrible at directions. :) for being my chou lao gong. (ahaha) for being so full of crap, and letting me be full of crap back. for making njc fun. for telling me to keep in touch. for giving me confidence. for being so gullible. for being so nice the first time we went for an og dinner at serene center, and for always caring about your friends. we love you too. *mwah*

to steph: for showing us what talent really means every time you dance. for making me feel like wushu was actually fun. for the conversation we shared the first day you joined our class. for being open-minded enough to get to know us, and to let us get to know you back. for being one of the people i will always be thankful that i got to meet, and for making up the lit analysis practically off the top of your head that one time we worked together as a group. ;)


KingADRIANthegreat [4:13 PM]

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I love you. how much? THIS MUCH!!!!!

heys. just finished running 4km and rowing 4km for the duathlon. and i had you guys in my mind the whole time. even though i didn't win anything, i gave it my best because i was doing it for 05a02. when my arms felt like breaking off from my body the last km, i pushed on. trying to imagine the way you guys would cheer for me if you were there. after the duathlon, we had training. it was just pacing. but my muscles were full of lactic acid already. i pushed on. every stroke i pulled. i pulled for a02. every time i wanted to slow down. 05a02 was in my mind, and again. i pushed on. always remember that everytime i train. i train for 05a02. i want to make you guys proud of me because you mean so much me. SO MUCH. if you see me around in school. hug me tightly and don't let go. i need your comfort and encouragement some times. i'm not as strong you think i am. i need a02.

Love. the only NJcanoeist in a02.

KingADRIANthegreat [3:52 PM]


I never thought I’d cry so much. It scares me how I can feel so broken over so many people, one being. I don’t really know how to phrase it, and I’m afraid to, because I don’t want to feel that loss again. And all of you, each and every one of you, understand. I have something to say to everyone, now that we’ve passed a new phase and everything.To Adrian: You have a beautiful mind. “By no means, were we beautiful alone.” You’ve touched me very much. Thank you. Respect sia.To Angelface: You’ve been so dear to me. I’ll always retain a space for you on my sofa for moviethons. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement and silly as well as profound conversations. There’ll never be another one like you, to make me ponder so much.To Beng-ah: Model student who talks so much crap! Haha. Ling hui you really surprised me and brought a lot of gossip and life to us. You’ve been so supportive and post so often and made me happy on a lot of occasions. Although we don’t really spend a lot of time together I always have this feeling that my fellow hardworker is just around the room, never too far away. Thanks for being so unpredictable.To Brynner: You stand for too much. You’re brave and brazen and you’ve achieved beyond boundaries that many have daren’t breach. (Ms Ting smiles! Aah!) I think you’ve been the first to force out genuine, unrestrained, hearty laughter from me. I’ll always look up to you.To Cassie: I wish I were closer to you. You’re so special and so firm in your decisions, no matter what others say. Even though many have tried to dissuade you, you still went on to RJ and took 3 subs; even though many RJ people disapprove of your loud behaviour, you still remain true to yourself and “heck care la!” You showed me clarity and a really rare hamster. I miss your pai kia presence. Two words: pei fu. (Taking non-hat off to her)To Emmi: Aiyo I don’t think I’ll ever shake off the memory of you flinging this Chinese High guy off the slope at the oasis and slamming Vince against the wall and striding like a ruffian and laughing maniacally like nobody’s business XD Haha! You’re so busy yet you make time to listen to our rubbish, and unimportant matters, and readily accept our griping even though your phone pill must be way off the limit. Your hugs have always been so reassuring. : 3To Erni: The embodiment of woman. I’m really proud that you represent us as a CT rep and as a feminist. You take things in a collected and mature manner. I’m honoured to be your friend.To Gummyheng: Mittensmom-who’s-actually-very-very-slacker. Your Chinese is so pro!!! Shu heng, I really appreciate your comfort and ‘hey girl, don’t be sad’ lines. Thank you for the happy and crappy times spent during non-maths moments. It’s wonderful spending time with you; I don’t know, you make me feel very protected!! Haha.To Jeffro: It’s not a colgate smile it’s a darlie smile!!! I insist. Jeff you’ve been a wonderful spokesperson, actor, dancer, faux-newsreader, listener+conversationalist, teacher and friend. Your confidence and rock-star walk and explosive laughter never cease to amaze me.To Judith: You’re not quiet lor! The first time I met you, you spoke so much! You seem so serious and rational but every time we speak in the mornings at the grandstand I cannot help wondering why you don’t often show your adorable and spontaneous side. People, I’m writing this to show you things I found out about you guys that others never knew or even deigned to imagine. I hope you’ll all discover Judith’s fun-loving character soon! (She’s actually quite talkative.)To Kinky: My kinky darling. Favourite person to discuss life issues with. (Angelface is for movies and concepts, Rhoda’s for dreams and fantasy – nothing we talk about is ever completely realistic/feasible, huh, Jeff’s for angelface, and Judith’s for art!) You’ve opened my eyes to fresh ideas and truths countless times. I owe you a lot. You’re always there for me to depend on and I’ll continue to be there to listen to everything you need to release. Your advice is priceless. I’ll miss you so much during GP.To Kurt: I remember you as the not really willing to socialize/participate person, but that’s changed a lot as A02 grew in cohesion and love. Now I say hi to you every morn at the grandstand and admire the fact that debaters get to wear the blazer so often! I think you’re a genius, and I most definitely need your mind in building the Arts family. Support!!!To Liyana: Canoe devotee! As you know, I think you’re really determined, what with your perseverance and commitment and promises that are always fulfilled! Liyana is wayyy cool and you sing with loadsa attitude; don’t ever stop being true to yourself, hon!To Mr Clam: Thanks for making me realise how much we mean to you. Your encouragement and special regard for us is very important to me. You kai you made me cry, you horrible mollusc! That poem was very…original. Your advice and care is not superficial and they’ve been helpful and useful. You are the epitome of leadership with sensitivity : ) To Nat: Literary buff. You know too much, mi amigos! And you’re so dedicated to what you do, everything is done in a very homey, warm, loving, and delicate manner. I hope you enjoy poly life and please spread cheesecake love! And of course, never forget us. We’ll be expecting more of you in the future; do come visit us! (pleads) Such an inspired person.To Princess: Very very expressive, loud and courageous. There are too many things to say; especially when Christine does so many things, I don’t think there’re sufficient adjectives. I always thought I saw bits of myself in you (ESFJ!) and you’re so my type of girl to hang around with. You give compliments freely and I think you deserve so much more than you’ve offered.To Rhoda: My complement. An artist in her words, her expressions, her dreams. A lovely person to be with. You make me feel comfortable, flustered, exasperated, appreciated, impatient, distressed, stressed, significant, supported, and loved. We’re so similar in different ways nobody would ever comprehend or experience unless they were you, and you are irreplaceable. You know me, and how I cannot fully finish what I feel because you never let my passion end.To Ruth: R is for rampant, ridiculous, random and rarely makes sense. HAHA just fooling around. Sigh. Ruth you’ve been indescribably unpretentious, eager, affectionate, creative, giving, synthesizing and just such a fantastic companion I simply can’t give you up to A01. Your loyalty to us and Ignis is whole and passionate, and you just devote yourself to so many things that are important to A02 and you made me laugh then cry then laugh until I really need to pee. You’re just. too hard to let go, you know? To Sam: CHIOBU! You’ve been the role model for many A02-ians haha, being talented, sensitive and pretty. It’s you who’s the first senior to laugh at our class whenever we say silly things during assembly, and you always have this bemused expression that’s very amiable and pleasant. A02’s very blessed to know you.To Sheng: The spark that ignited the A02 flame of passion. YOU were the one who got us roaring, YOU were the one who superglued us together, making us rather irate in the meantime, by the way, but lub lub anyway <3>_>;; DANCER. Your talent is abundant, and it’s going to continue to flourish, I believe. To Wincy Vincey Spider: To Rhoda and I you’ve been especially patient and enduring >_<;; You’re a real sport, letting us tease you all the time and laughing along too. Thank you for always making time and effort for our schemes and little insignificant plans, no matter how tired or moody or occupied you are. Vince I think we owe you many squeaky apologies and a lot of gratitude. There’s never been anyone more sincere and sacrificial and endearing as you’ve been to us. To Winston: The choirboy. Sigh, I really wish you’d open up your introvert posture – it’ll make you look so much more confident and friendly. I enjoyed making fun of you and I hope it’s going to continue haha quick you’d better run away! But yeah. Keep staying thoughtful, and my friend.To Yux: Our Mommie. Our friend, our encourager, our ra-raer, our guardian angel, our match-making target, our supporter and advertiser. You’ve been so keen on getting involved with A02 and just running everywhere waving at us and cheering with us and for us and aaaahhh I love you very much <333>

KingADRIANthegreat [3:29 PM]


tomorrow is the first day i officially stand with aerius.
tomorrow is the first day i officially stand with a01.
tomorrow is a dreaded day.

my journey in a02 has ended.
but my journey WITH a02 will never end.
i love u guys so so much.

a02, u are the very best
a02, u own all the rest
with our OGLs
youkai, vince and sam and yux and emmiline

a02, we love u with our hearts
ao2, u rock so very much
we love u
no matter what we will
always stay together

superman man man
spiderman! *pssT!*
spiderman man man
who are who are who are we?
we are we are we are WE!
who are we?
we are we are we are...
-Ruth, 05a02

KingADRIANthegreat [3:20 PM]

Saturday, April 02, 2005

God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and wisdom to know the difference.

sigh. embrace the past but continue to look to the future with hope.

am i the only one expecting the worst?

we don't need to be physically together to possess the AO2 spirit. that's precisely it. it's a spirit that's within each and every one of us. we had the chance to experience the perfect class and we should be thankful for that one experience, because many dont get to experience it at all.

there's nothing wrong with fighting for the chance...but inevitably, the system's rigid like that. changes have to be made. even if we did manage to bring them back, we still wouldnt be 05A02 without sheng, brynner, cass, nat...

so if permission isn't granted please dont cry over it? it hurts to see everyone upset like that. and to be upset together really prolonges the pain. we're known to be bubbly, fun-loving people, and as all of you said, take the Ao2 spirit wherever you go. we're still in the same school, we'll still see each other during the same lectures, same breaks etc. i probably am not in the position to speak but to those who got transferred into other classes, the new Ao2 also feels somewhat foreign, strange, alien. so let's overcome this together okay? let's smile together, encourage each other. we'll get through this. let's make 05 nj arts fac a rocking one. together.

KingADRIANthegreat [7:43 PM]

Rhoda's entry got me thinking, would i have been happier in another class? at least i wont be as sad as i am now.

But if i were denied A02 in nJ, would i have understood the meaning of a class? of being together? of truly loving each other?

when i look back on my school life, what have i to say that i miss school? what have i to say to my children when they come home and tell me that school sucks? should i tell them : "yeah. guess what? your pa had a suckier class than you did."

What should i tell my children when they tell me they found a marvellous class. Shld i say "nah thats a big fat lie. No classes are beautiful. Pa had so many sucky class in his life to tell you what you have is a mere illusion"

What will i say to my parents when they ask me hows school? Shall i say what ive said for the past years "is school ever fun?"

What shall i say to my friends about nJ, now and later? Shall i say "well we mug. yeah. i think thats all"?

i think A02 provided me with meaningful answers to all these questions. A02 was god's gift to a dull, grey mugging college. God gave us to sharon phua, to teach her the meaning of love (too bad she wasnt really here to witness it). God gave us to expose the dirty stuff inside a certain Sui Ho. God used us to show the rest, that their lives suck, and therefore, improve it! But merciful god also gave us loving OGLs, without whom, we wouldnt be A02. By no means, were we beautiful alone.

"good things never last forever". That was what that certain Sui Ho said. But my reply was "If we have a choice to make it last forever, why not?"

And we do have a choice now, so why not? it doesnt have to be kneeling outside the office for 7x7=49 days. just setting aside space in our hearts, for each of the very 22 who were in nJ is already enough. To merit a place in someone's heart, with which hold till death, will probably be the greatest impact man will ever leave.

And A02 has left that impact, in me.


KingADRIANthegreat [1:55 PM]


I spent four years in Crescent, and on graduation day, while everyone were crying their eyes out I was the only emotionless idiot who stood there without shedding a single tear. I felt next to nothing about leaving my secondary school, which left little or no impact on my life, except for my cca. But yesterday the moment I realised I was assigned to another class, I promptly burst into tears, because I hold you guys closer to my heart than all my crescent friends put together.

Gradually, enthusiastic greetings for each other if we happen to meet in school will soon dwindle to naught but a mere "hi" or smile. Though we may resolve to sit next to each other during lectures and lunch periods, deep down we know this is just not possible. Ruth Liyana and I now owe our allegiance to AO1, and we will definitely spend more time with them than those in A02 now.

I wondered why I was given such a beautiful class, only to have it cruelly snatched away. Why didn't God put me in A01 right from the start instead? But I realised it is better to have known you people than not to have known at all. Despite the fact that we will not be together for two years, the memory of those first three months will always have a special place in my heart. guarded carefully like some fragile butterfly's wings.

So. Enough about the past. We shall look foward to the future shall we? I have pulled myself up from the mire of my self pity and decided that Karen's dream has a good chance of being fulfilled. Ruth and I shall infiltrate the ranks of the 2nd intakers in A01, making sure everyone loves everyone else, attempt to inject life and laughter into tutorials just like we did in A02 and most importantly bond with our new classmates. It is always lovely to make new friends, and though I still would very much like to be back in A02 with you people, I thank God for the chance to widen my social circle.

Yay! Arts stream rock! We shall make the Science people envy us! *put evil laughter here*


KingADRIANthegreat [10:39 AM]

shit, i cried when i read sheng's then, youkai's entry. i've always tried to make my entries as lighthearted as possible, because to put my feelings down in words and show others my emotional side would make me feel vulnerable,so i try to sound as nonchalant as i can...(really works huh?!?!) haha..
but this morning, i woke up and read sheng's entry and i felt quite touched, and when i started on youkai's entry, i started crying... i was quite surprised at my reaction...i mean, i've never cried at any of the entries so far, so i dont know why... but i couldnt help it, i guess it's true that you never know what you've lost until you've lost it, or something like that. i just.. i dont know, being with a02 yesterday made me realise how my rj class...really sucks. a02 is truly the best class i've ever been in, i love each and everyone of you but ya...i dont regret my decision going rj, of cos, but.. really.. a02 is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i might not show my emotion that openly to you all, but i really do feel alot for this class that i've grown to love, truly love, so much.. i dont know what to say lah. yah. i just love a02.

Yesterday, when I came back... although the class was in a somber mood, i still felt very happy being back with you all. I missed the way you all could make me laugh..and just..all the familiar faces. seeing you on my computer wallpaper is not quite the same as seeing you all in real person.. haha and i miss doing the bak kwa cheer!!!!! nothing beats the feeling i get when doing the bak kwa cheer with you all..

THe dance party revived my memories of the first dance party, the dumb nj "YAAAAAAA!!" thing where everyone would then run towards it and start "yaaa"-ing away. haha. saw familiar faces. it just felt...so...natural to be back. and a corny sentence popped into my head, "this is home, truly, where i know i must be, where my dreams wait for me, where the river always flows..." (okay la, the last part not true, i added the river part myself haha!) but yah. it felt like home again.

I still remember the second day at nj, when we were sitting down with our class to be introduced to one another, i just felt damn sian and wondered how we could ever bond together as a class in just three months. I came to nj with the impression that it was a mugger school and damn boring, and I remember that day also, during break, we were eating in utter silence (kind of like how my rj class now spends their breaks everyday...). But it was the first and last day of silence in a02!! haha..

and i remember also, on the bus trip back to nj during cultural mapping on that friday, we were also making up our love stories for our class, eg: brynner and rhoda (cos he kept accusing her as the Mafia), sheng and charlene, (cos they were always together), adrian and shu heng (just for the heck of making up another couple in a02), and yux and vince!!! haha...we kept insisting that vince was in love with yux cos he always looks abit sad whenever we tease her abt hengqing...WAHAHAH. well, at the end of week, I realised how wrong I was to think that nj was damn boring. boring?? with a02 around?!?!

and i remember our badminton sessions too! and sheng the dirty old man saying, "You want my cock?" till today, he insists he was talking about the shuttlecock. ya right ya right...haha. And I'll always remember the poem "The Sick Rose" to my dying day. hahahahahahaha. the whole lit lecture laughing like siao...charmaine and jeff dancing with wild abandon and lustful passion during dance night..haha..all the memories flooding back as I walked around school yesterday..

to linghui: oh yea, haha..you know i actually forgot jx warned me about you?! come, to think of it, it's quite funny.. ahhh, linghui..i really missed your ah-bengness. i miss the way you talk and how you make me laugh..no one in rj talks like you do..!! you never fail to make me laugh with the things you say.. the things that i took forgranted the first three months now seem so precious.

liyana: best actress! i almost forgot your hooligan-ness, how you always scream and whoop for no apparent reason..and the way you make me laugh.. damn you lah! yesterday hug me so tightly...very pain you know!!!!! (just kidding la... but ya, very pain. haha)

shuheng: heyhey! actually i dont miss you that much..haha, i dont know why, but it just felt so natural talking to you yesterday abt the normal usual things like tom tom and all, even though we've been apart for one week, but ya...i dunno, you're like, always there.. =) oh yes, i miss your gummy smile!!! i always laugh when you smile at me.. i just love your gummy smile. i think it's the best smile in the world. haha. love you, gummy heng!

karen and rhoda: Hey Karen!was quite scary seeing you so upset yesterday yah...you're like, our Miss Confident and Self Assured, then to see your eyes all red and puffy..like whoa. dunno what to say. pls stick with your Masterplan, kae? rhoda, you always look veh dao and aloof, but as suzie says, you're one very very lovable individual. when you smile, you light up the heavens!! (just an exaggeration, but ya.)

charlene and steph: you two always sitting at a corner in class and sleeping...haha. steph you sleepy lazy sluggish little puppy, you transform into a sexy devil at night!! you're such a good dancer! charlene..stop giving your heart away to guys who are jerks, kae?

erni and nat: the two mothers of a02! (yux is the mother of all mothers, so shes the grandmama la) your maternal instincts and behaviour are sorely missed.
sophie, shermin, charmaine: sophie, the girl who always eats chicken.. you carnivore! eat some vegetables at least once a week la! you three really shocked me the first week of nj at the dance party, when you were all dancing SO VIGOROUSLY!!! hahaha... never did i expect that three innocent and quiet looking people could be like that!! i can practically hear brynner's leering voice in the background saying, "oh, charmaine, you crazy little animal..." HAHAHA.
judith: the quiet photographer! =)
ruth and christine: you two have really touched me, with your open emotion and all...the hooliganish way ruth speaks always cracks me up, and the way you always get so excited about keefe...it's always so damn funny! there'll never never never be another two like you. i'll always rmb Observation Days. come rj visit me and we can have an exciting Observation Day! haha..

jeffrey! "listen carefully. mary died last night, did she die?" *roll eyes* haha... lame la you. you and your colgate smile, and your barking laughter. lol!!!!
kurt: the ice cream gentleman (unlike sheng...)
adrian: hey a02, adrian has expressed his urgent desire to me that he wants a cheap indonesian wife. help him get one. haha. you're a fella who's always making comments during lessons that never fail to make me LAUGH!!! damn funny guy, you are. take care of a02 ya. be a good boy, stop ponning school!
haoguang: hey! you and your effeminate behaviour..haha.. i rmb once you were shaking your leg in class, then shuheng said, "Wah, haoguang so MAN!!!" you're really funny and hilarious, esp the things you say, and when you always fake-sing the school song and mutter "watermelon watermelon" on the days that the choir has to sing..
brynner: one person who's always making the whole class bellow in laughter.. you've left a "Whatever" legacy in nj. =)
sheng: three words for you: "dirty old man". two words: "jerk sheng". one word: "VERA!" wahaha.. just kidding la. you suck la. now then tell us you had your eye on a girl called clare?!?! you double suck. i remember the time you took picture of His Majesty. uuuuurrrrrgggghhh. @#$%^&*(!@#.. oh, and i really felt quite disturbed when you cried yesterday.. haha.

yux mama: Hey Mama, this that shit that make you groove, Mama, Get on the floor and move your booty, Mama.. haha sorry. lame, but i just couldnt help that. but anyway, hey, yux mama! you're the mother of a02, and hengqing our father. =) thanks for everything..the first person i saw yesterday was you, and I couldnt help smiling to myself.. i love you, yux!
vince: why you msg rhoda, never msg the rest of us!??!?! haha jk la. rj is swarming with hot ri hunks..haha! but dont worry, i wont get an ri boyfriend. i just married my smelly hamster the other day..
youkai: eh damn you lah, bluff me that your lit sucks! summore fool me into thinking i've found another literature-hopeless person like me who just bluffs her way thru lit.. haha.. i love your poem!!!! you still dare say your lit sucks?!?!?! huh!??!?!
emmi: chio and violent and barbaric on the outside and nice and soft like a marshmallow on the inside. you rock. =)
sam: another mama! i want to sing the "Hey Mama" song again.. haha.. thank you all ogls for making the first three months in nj so memorable and wonderful. i really mean it..i love you all loads.

Lots of love,

KingADRIANthegreat [7:37 AM]

Friday, April 01, 2005

tears flow freely.

i got alot to say. after reading you kai entry, it gav me such inspiration and prolly it had captured wat we are all goin through and has put everythin into such great understandings. firstly i must say thx u you kai, cause after reading ur entry, it has assured me tt my choice to drop lit n take geo was a gd one, cause i would nv be able to express such emotions and feeling to such an extend. so bear wif me hehe.

stupid christine. tears didn flow that freely for me. upon entering the gates of nj, i was jus crossing my fingers tt the guard wouldn stop me. then when i saw yux at the grandstand, i was kinda happy. the familiar face and always smile at me! i guess it was kinda like a build up of tears caus when i went up to the canteen, though onyl a small minority of the class was there, i could feel the special bond between the class n me. it has only been a week. and yet so much had happened. i was controlling tears. amused by the different way tt everyone looked in their nj uniform. as we tok. memories n thoughts filled my mind. it is reali true tt as long as u don tink so much u wont cry. but karen was instigating me. not tt i mind. the christine came along. n when i called her so turned round and cried out SHENG.

i reali felt loved n blissed. from the start, everyone has so affectionally called me. mind sound weird but all my life i was known as yong sheng. to all. only close frens will call me sheng. and there was a02. everyone shenging me. it reali made me feel so loved n wanted. then christine started crying. this point i kinda max out n the tears did flow freely. ruth joined in. n so did the others around. it was reali emotional. it was like seeing long lost frens after years. but it had only been a 'short' week apart.

standing at the parade sq, looking at the surroundings and the large crest at the top. i brigns back so much memories. i tell u. its the memories tt reali spark off the tears. the time we had together. jus right at tt location. lining up in morning assembly. everything seemed so familiar. but it was not to be. had i stepped into gr34 tonite, i would hav such impact on me. the feelign would nv be the same anymore. i tink im not reali making sense. lol. kant reali put it to words but ya. its jus tt. undescriptable by me.

each one of a02. in my best memories
liyana such a brother, sharing all the canoeing gossips wif me.
linghui my dearest mei, and her not bad.steph the one to irritate and chat wif during gp.
ruth such a laughing and nonsense character also to irritate.
christine another laughable partner also to irritate and my kemak kemak ya.
charlene best pal at the start of sch, not hiding anythin, i felt u changed.
karen my art mate, ever so outspoken, rmb lit lesson wif teo.
adrian besides brynner u my next guy pal to tok cock wif, 1 3 5 shallow ya.
kurt highly intellect.
jeff wat u say always turn out laughable wif R&C though it didn mean to.
charmaine jeff nv fail to make me rmb u, vice versa. the hiong dance wif him.
judith always taking pics like tonite n nv failing to chip in ur bit whenever.
shermin always so enthu n joyous. nv a dull moment.
cassy not happy wif being called tt n always rmb jerk sheng n all tt vera teasing.
rhoda wif a msyterious aura around u, n tt smile of urs, like very beyond words.
nat like a mama n tt yearn to hav so many kids.
haoie ur special story n shy insecure body language u show.
sophie i thoiught u didn reali liked me much, ur petiteness yet ur appetite.
erni ur fierce impatient scolding at me
shu heng ur 1 dollar ice cream n abt me not being a gentleman.
brynner doh doh head, to dance n to tok cock.

then the ogl
yux such a wordless special bond we hav.
emmi the first day of sch was a huge impression, wif ur wacking, n ur love to tc of me
sam the eyes n the shi wei n e siaoness u wan, i prolly disturb u more than anythin else
vince wat intellect together wif emotion such a lasting impression
you kai my big brother who though tok cock wif me ba kuh teh, had been always there to giv a hand.

and the wonderful seniors i known one way or other. silin, kim ,hannah, melvin, yue han, jun yi, van, choir aep chio senior, jerome, julie, cheryl, keefe, kenny, and many more wonders of nj

okie this is quite out of pt but now tt im not in nj i wouldn mind. this gal called clare had kinda captured my attention durin the last few weeks at nj. saw her tonite.ha

AND finally, ms teo ur fish n co screw up

oh well peace.

i learned sumthin at sa this week. that we saints are there not by chance.

n i definately do believe that 05a02 is nv there by chance and it has been by the grace of christ that we were togehter and had this special irreplacable fellowship wif each other.

so i encourage u all to accept god's plan for each of us and move on in life to acheive the best u can. but not to forget that each of ur had cross paths wif yong sheng from 3 jan 2005. haha
and it is not by chance.

i stil like this lyrics by green day
its sumthin unpredictable

but in the end its right
i hope u had the time of your life.

n i am certain it was the time of my life.a02 will always be there. i like pple being jealous of us.

so pple take reali gd care of urself n hav this noble thought that no matter how tough life gets always keep focus on the task ahead n nv look back. cause i do not believe in regretting n on a selfish point i feel that everyone should not too. it does no benefit. move on ya.

God Bless all
finished 1am

KingADRIANthegreat [11:45 PM]

The Spirit of a02.

you kai here.

to my dearest 05a02,

ive never felt like i did today in a long time.
your faces were downcast, you were robbed of the bond that has sustained you the past three months. you were robbed once, when sheng, brynner, nat and cassandra left, but today, it was evident that it was a heist of gigantic proportions.
i can understand how you feel, the feeling of seperation from something, someone, you hold so dearly to is a painful thing---not just for those who had to leave, but also for those who had to contend with the new developments with nothing in their power to change the outcome.

Throughout my time in NJC, ive been a fighter. Ive fought along with the council to make improvements in the school- to make the school a better place, to make the school a home away from home.I've fought against criticism from my peers, Ive fought to make things happen. Yet, when i was confronted with the sad faces of Rhoda, Ruth, Karen, and Christine today, i could not fight. I was powerless to do anything to help you guys. I tried to make you feel better, but i didnt do it very well. Truth is, I felt as cheated as much as you do, but i tried to hide my emotions. I tried to be rationale about it, i tried to convince you about the constraints of the adminstration, how it was difficult to change classes with just a snap of the fingers. Deep inside, it was a different story. It was emotional turmoil. Deep down, i was praying that some miracle would happen that would keep you guys back in 05a02. I just couldnt show it. I couldnt fight. There was nothing i could do, nothing i can do. Ive never felt so helpless in a long time.

You may question, why something like this is able to make me feel this way, make me feel so strongly helpless. The reason is because you guys are 05a02. you guys, have convinced me that you are a truly united, unpretentious, down to earth, happy go lucky, sweet bunch of people that represents the beautiful side of human nature. look at how far you've come---from your enthusiasm in orientation, to the various activities for chinese new year, including the late night painting sessions, to the talentime entries, to the class outings you had. Through this time, I have, from my position, watched you guys grow, akin to a little flower blossoming into the product that is a carefully-woven bunch of 22 people. Im going to be really frank here. I once felt the same way you did, a long time ago, about 04a02. Like you, we had some crazy times. I still remember the many chill out sessions between classes spent plugging music into the announcement system in our beloved gr34 and everyone singing to the tunes of silly songs. I still remember the time when all of us skipped math lecture ( sadly im still lost at the topic. ha ) to go out and have fun. I still remember the times when almost everyday was spent in town talking, the times when 04a02 came over to my house to stay over and talk, the times when everybody was like everybody in 05a02.

Like you, the JAE came and went, leaving behind tsunami-like effects. the class turnover rate was 50 per cent. Like you, we were initially unreceptive to the idea of integrating with the people from the second intake. Like you, tears were shed, as we struggled to come to terms to the harsh reality that was imposed on a bond so beautiful and sacred that only the people within it could understand. BUT unlike you, the 04a02 spirit died out. the class soon split into factions, people didnt mix the way they did in the past, and to put it curtly in your words, " what class spirit is there? Your class is so damn cliquish." And i agree. Truly, the spirit that once defined us is no longer present. Agendas have changed, alignments shifted, impressions modified, people become different. And when i look at you guys, 05a02, everytime i look at you guys, the truth is. i feel a longing for the times when 04a02 could be as spontaenous and carefree as you guys are. its like when u can just be yourself and no one can judge u for it and you dont really care how and what people see you as; it didnt matter as long as the class understood one another's character and needs, like a brotherly love. In Jc, it is the emotional bonds forged with fellow frens that help you get through the hectic pace and hellish demands of you. 04ao2 may not be that united now, but this only hardens my resolve to make sure that 05a02 does not suffer the same fate that we did. You guys are a constant reminder that something so beautiful and untinted can exist in a world where you'll often see the ugly side of human nature. I do not want the ao2 spirit in you to die off, it would be a shame not just to the school, but to yourselves.

I understand that Ruth, Rhoda, Charmaine, Erni and Liyana have been posted to other classes. Sheng, Brynner and Cass are in other Jcs. Nat is in Poly.It may seem like 05a02 has lost physical interaction with so many of its original members. But i want to stress one thing - 05a02 will always be 05a02 even though you guys may not be together as a class. I want to stress the SPIRIT and ATTITUDE 0f 05a02 as the crux to staying together as one Body. and im speaking about this from personal experience. I feel that its not whether you guys are physically together that is important, rather its the ATTITUDE that you show towards mainting this spirit and bond that is the key to making 05a02 stay TOGETHER as one. You may find yourselves going to lectures together, having lunch together or doing things together, but all these is meaningless UNLESS you all WANT to make a COLLECTIVE EFFORT to maintain the strong emotional connection with each other. Along the way, you may find that it may get to a point where interaction with each other has lost its significance, but whatever you do, dont lose track of the focus to keep the 22 of you together. I cannot help but emphasise the fact that it is not by stroke of luck that the 22 of you are brought together , and consequently not by accidental mistake a 22 complete strangers three months ago are able to form such a deep emotional understanding with each other. Fate has brought you guys together, you only have yourselves to keep this bond going strong. And i have faith in you.

Traffic Light

The light turned green, two cars drove out
a change of shades, a twist of fate,
one stopped, it didnt quite make it,
a blur as the other made for speed.

Two cars, alas different paths-
Yet they moved with purpose
speedily, steadily, though change of shades too many
Alas, still two cars on the same road to paradise.

Heres a poem which i wrote for you guys. Hope you understand the message that im trying to convey to you.

Just wanna say that im really proud of you guys and you are truly the pride of Ignis and NJC. I feel honoured to be able to associate myself with the 22 of you, to be able to serve you as your house captain, ogl and friend. If ever you need someone to talk to, all of us ( Sam, Yux, Vince, Emmi and I ) would be more than willing to hear you out and help you in any way possible. Thank you for giving us, the many wonderful memories together which we can proudly take away with us from our jc experience.

Who dares to mess with us will be bak kwa.
With my sincerest respect,
You Kai

KingADRIANthegreat [11:20 PM]

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