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Thursday, March 09, 2006

a02 living on in our juniors!

this is from Tiffany for 06A02; she sent it to the OGLs and to the other juniors.

dearest 06A02!
i know last week has been one of apprehension, of anxiety and simply devoid of the happiness we all experienced eight week ago. i still remember the first day we got introduced to our darling OGLs, the day we played double wacko and the only names i could remember were belinda’s and samantha’s! i also clearly remember telling myself, “damn, this is an awfully quiet class for one that belongs to the arts fac!” i, for one, knew none of y’all, no one came from the same OG as i did and no one from the same school either. to add on to that, i was experiencing an emptiness after spending 3 weeks of my dec hols with a close german dude i’d grown to love a lot. and that’s when school started and he returned to germany and I came to NJ and everything just seemed outta place for me, a ten-year-girl-schooler. i told myself to think on the bright side, to put a smile on my face and bond with this class i was placed in. which was exactly what i did. and i grew to enjoy it! really. and now, even as i look back on the great times we’ve had as 06A02 , i simply cannot fight the urge to hold back my tears. the “stretch-jac-to-two-metres-forty” game, the massive human pyramid, the “bak kwa” cheer, the tug-of-war game no other class were there to compete with (perhaps cuz we were too good!:o)), the mass dance sessions with similar-gendered partners due to the lack of testosterones (we still love y’all, our 2 and a ½ guys!), the bully-adrian-water-wacko, the watermelon/flower hunt, the wear red for dance night code, the losing-bernice trauma, the banner painting A02 unfortunately didn’t win again this year :(, the valentines’ exchanges, the ignis/iryl house sessions, karen’s party, civics lessons with mrs koh (man, we’ll miss THAT ONE), the KAP lunch and even up to the parade-square-karen’s-letter-cum-mass-crying-session, the list simply goes on forever! these are the many events i’ll base my close to ten-weeked 06A02 stint with! and even as the road parts, and you guys go your separate ways, even as many will be devastated, even as many with tear-streaked faces will brave the odds at our new schools tomorrow, and even as the JAE spear pierces every last one of our strongly-bonded hearts, i’ll love you guys, like I always have and will. 06A02, our class, will remain in my heart, in your hearts, and in every other heart tha has felt that brief touch of fire, FOREVER. therefore smile, people, like y’all have never smiled before! cuz who dares to mess with us, WILL BE BAK KWA!:) take care and God bless.
much love,
tiffany. XXXXXXX
p.s.this letter was written on sunday.
p.p.s.someone please cc this to jeff cuz i don't have his addy.

Well, now not only Jeff can see the beautiful tradition of unity, all the A02 ppl can too :)

KingADRIANthegreat [9:47 PM]

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