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Monday, January 16, 2006

one for all and all for one

If I were to define 05A02, I would immediately think of 3 things.
1. unity in adversity
2. tears in laughter
3. outspoken love in silence

These are the things I love most about our class. During our own orientation there was so much havoc and chaos and spontaneous exuberance, if we want to sound more credible, yet there was structure in the way everyone formed a piece that completed the picture. A very complicated picture, each of our edges prised so well, so perfectly into one another's. We fit, and we linked, and we held. And the result was complete, the prettiest surface, made up of many separate, colourful individuals who were so uniquely shaped in their own way but somehow found their way and place of belonging in A02. And it didn't stop at the surface - the lines, although awkward, met at the base. It became the platform for which I could raise myself, to present myself as a part of this miraculous composition, all the while assured, that beside me, someone's arm is linked in mine, and below the weight of my feet I feel firm, safe in the belief that someone would catch me if I fell.

After 1st 3 months we had to be pulled apart, one by one, and the mere force of separation tore our edges. We became abraded, and it was difficult picking up the pieces and looking for new partners to fit in with. Our shapes never did complement perfectly again.

But then came the lovely new A02ians, our funny scotchtape people. Perhaps they weren't as mad as us, but they definitely helped to keep us together! These people formed some of the links that held pieces that didn't fit together, and our picture, though not the same, became whole once more! :D

I'd like to use this experience, reflecting back on 2005 for the sake of 06A02. They may not all be puzzle pieces, but let's wait around for the scotchtape to be pulled out of their roll, yeah. It's not the situation that makes A02 the dynamic family we are, but the people and the lines running together deep down from the surface that pulls it all together. So even though we may not see much progress now, we may be missing out on some special magic going on in the junior class. Remember, nobody truly understood what A02 was until they WERE A02. Perhaps it's the same case.

For me, I'm hoping 06A02 will bring to mind this: hidden magic in family

For all you guys: I'm glad I met all of you. I'm glad I've brushed sides with you before, all of you. Some of us may not have fit perfectly, but I'm glad we're one big picture now. Let's be our part for this masterpiece.

And extra thanks to Mugalot, who's always been that rusty bent nail which puts that hole through the picture, but nevertheless is a part of it, and has always been the one holding us up, high and proud for all to see.


KingADRIANthegreat [11:34 PM]

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