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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

hello. its 2006 and this entry is abit outdated i guess. but still, better late than never.

firstly, i wanna thank A02 for the way they changed me and the happiness they brought to me. Taking me from an aloof sickening rvian to become a true NJCian, A02ian at heart. I'll start recounting year.

Rmb after JAE, A02 split. Physically. Everyone of us gathered outside the GO, fighting for that slim chance to stay together. Even as Suiho came and called us immatured, even as Mark Lo replied with a stern no, even tho our own OGLs told us that we had no chance, we fought for a dream. A dream that was A02. That was that one moment that i truly felt what it meant to be A02, because i cut myself out from A02 before that. I saw all your tears, your cries and your sincere reassurances. I was an A02ian from that very moment on
And then i was class rep. to be frank, i never held that position in secondary school, i was never given a leadership position in rv. How was i to lead you guys? A class so special?
Then came College Day. I asked for everyone to bring all they could bring, egg beaters, measuring jugs, measuring cups etc etc. And i saw how Sam toiled with everything all the way from somewhere damn far. I saw how you guys stayed at my house till 9+. Some of you even stayed over, or at least till very late. I saw how you guys danced your hearts out at my house, accidentally in love. I was accidentally in love with a class so special. But keeping that love alive was no accident. it was my most sincere and vigorous efforts that made me forever an A02-ian. I chose to be. I saw how you guys come over in the morning, transport the food to school, karen fighting for every customer as suiho stood eating her roti boy. I saw how charlene and kurt rushed off to get more icecream as we ran out of them, how we panicked when we realised we gave sara's mum an uncooked pancake. The effort was simply immeasurable, and only Ao2 can ever muster up such a united effort.
I see your efforts everyday, and i really love you guys. I missed you guys alot thru the hols. Today was refreshing. i havent been around you guys so long that i forgot how it felt to be around all of you.

I was accidentally in love with A02, and forever more, always an A02ian. 2005 has touched my life so much that no other years will ever replace it. I thank A02 for all your efforts, and how you guys have assisted me in your own little ways, turning up at every class outing, making an effort to support, without which A02 can never keep together.

It was a pleasure to serve you all, and a pleasure ill treasure forever.

A02, you are the very best
A02, you own all the rest
We love.. OGLs vince youkai yux and sam.. and emillilene..

A02.. you are the very best
you rock so very much
No matter what, we'll always stay togeeeether.

I may have gotten some of the lyrics wrong, but i'll never forget the ways A02 has touched and moulded me. =)

KingADRIANthegreat [7:18 PM]

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