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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Now now, since i dont have a blog, ill use this to thank my grp. =P and all the others who have in their little ways played a part to our ME OP presentation.

Christine: haha being a grp leader is not easy. all those late nite calls to mr lee. omg. i cld just puke and faint. but nonetheless, you suppressed your disgust and made our project possible. all the planning and shaping our project, and of course controlling a hyperactive mugalot is not exactly very easy. and of course your advice to be modest. BUT I WAS HONEST!!! arghs nvm. in any case, i think we did darn well and thank you alot. *tries darn hard not to let any insults creep in*

Shuzie: HAhaha shuheng ar. you keep telling everyone you'll die you'll die. what i must buy kongbapau for your funeral.. yea right la! you did so well during the OP as tho u had no cough can?! i still rmb the day you and christine stayed till 9 to finish the WR, the time you tot u lost the diskette and you were so darn guilty. oh man.. you did so much for us can? and yes, you were the least despo girl in our grp!!! haha seems like rv has taught us well. =P

Sophie: HAHa oh man all our jokes always fall flat. why? because if u explain your joke 3 times thru it wont even be funny. =P but being our grp's secretary, i think you did a fantastic job. Always on task. And the only reason why our GPF is sooooo darn thick is because you kept all the minutes and the impt stuff organised and filed. And of course your OP was fanta-bulous. What else can i say, Regan? =)

Shoof: Oh man. you and your baby com, house and so many other lame jokes. hahah but its darn fun. darn fun with you around. aha then theres yeo zhi quan who you so despo-ly.... =) haha and throughout the course of this project, youre the only one who has never come close to looking pissed, always smilling and for your little chats with n****** and so conveniently forgetting that all your grp members are around ar...

my grp rocks!! We've never quarreled, never come close to quarreling. We may have disagreements over the nitty gritties of the project, but we've always graced each other with respect, friendship, and love. Even with christine such a uh-hum, we can still function so well. And oh man. i love my group. ill miss pw.

and thanks to all those who have in their own ways helped my group to a simple ME presentation. (ME because christine told me to be modest. =( )

KingADRIANthegreat [2:19 PM]

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