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Sunday, September 11, 2005


wahhahaha hey hey pple! i duno wats been happening back at nj cause im reali a distant away n now i seldom get the chance or maybe make the chance to catch up wif ur. perhaps its only liyana n charlene and yux tt i tok much to now. even then the time spent isnt alot to reali understand the matters that r happening back at the gd old a02. but from adrian's post it obviously isnt too gd. adrian as hao guang had said it probably is everyone responsiblity to make the effort to stay united and bonded. and thought i believe u have been doin a marvellous job as the ct of the class it is stil impossible n too heavy a burden to say that its ur fault for the lack of togetherness in the class. It mus be a WANT on the part of everyone! u kant force them! tt like so rediculous la! as usual my speelin is cmi so i think its speeled wrongly but ya. like econss the demand to be together bmust come with the willingness and ability to. some of us might want to tok, joke laugh cry and share all our emotions with the other members of a02 but do they have the abilty? the opportunity? tt somethin to consider. others have the ability. its readily accsessible and they don not have other percieved more impt commiments, btu perhaps it is not in their desire and willingness to stay bonded. some are guilty of tt too! the utility derived is far less than the opportunity cost.

so u noe adrian, perhaps im not reai making sense here cause i unfortunately am not able to see wats reali goin on in a02 so i do not reali noe to problem of the matter. but as far as im aware adrian u do make a gd ct rep. and that day at charlene house during the gathering it is envident that our classmates do hold u in high esteem and they do show u a great amount of respect as being the leader of the class. perhaps in years to come when u look back at ur life. jus a role as a ct rep of a clss will not matter much. compared to if u had beeen a cca captain or a councilor. even this would seem small in comparison to an entire life. but i wan to give u the assurance that every amount of leadership is stil justifiable as a service to the class and stil is a leap ahead of others who are not willing to fill the role. there definately is leadership quality in each of us. it sjus how much we are willing to exhibit and show. honestly, the first 3 months i thought u were kinda useless. chaoin sch so early everyday, n not spending much time with the class. when i had to leave a02. many were grateful for the things i done. but when u stepped in to take over though it may not be with a totally confident heart, i know u have surpassed me. because its not how well u fufill the task and requirements as a leader. tt the basic, anyone would have been able to cordinate the class to do activities. honestly im sayin it does not require much of us. but instead it is the drive and the passion that came through while performing those task. i was not able to experience it but from my understanding u did everythin so well!

and u noe adrian. when i tok once awhile to the pple a02. and i ask- so hows the class? i do hear negative stuff but it was impressed upon me that u were doin a great job! pissin ms teo off and all . wahhaha i reali do think that the class do treasure u as their ct rep and it would be a pity to jus give up when the job is not even complete. when u have decided to become a ct rep did u ever decide to step down even before the 2 yrs finish? to me same can be said of a marathon when u decide to participate in it. for me it is not the timing that reali matters, but when i have decided to take the first step, i want to finish the entire run. the goin will definately be tough. if not honestly u wil not be needed to be there to lead. its not in the cushy times that u choose to be there and be merry. n when its tough u jus hand over the dirty work to sum other pple n u jsu relac in a corner. wahhaha. but ya. u been through much wif the class adrian. much more than me. u can do it ya. its only a matter of how willing u are.

the class do encourage him ya!!!! don be too hard on him. it is easy to lead. but to be a GD leader requires much much. if ur choose not to be as close as last time then so be it la. i guess its not as easy to keep the flames of passion within the class burin. reality of jc life sets in. we gotta mug den we gotta perform. im sure ur all do study hard for the exams ya. so wahhaha! don hav to worry too much! ur will do well. not like me! slack like dunno wat over here la. wahaha oh well! the 2 yrs will pass in a glace. it has already been almost a yr and my a02 experience is stil not far from memory. it almost jus happen last week.

Adrian jia you! i hope tis would cause u to reconsider the importance of wat u r giving up.

n i don want any response from u or anyone rebuking anythin i say k. once again i don reali noe wats goin on but to my knowledge this is my opinon of things. if anyone don agree with anythin i said. then don agree! i don hav to noe it ya! hehe!

whahahah smiles pple! hols r jus ard the corner! don worry too much! whahahahah

hehe yup tt all!
wahhaha :)
nites pple!
i stil love u guys! whahhahah


KingADRIANthegreat [8:48 PM]

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