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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thanks alot.

I've been thinking alot for the past few days, and i think the best thing to do is to step down from CT rep. I'll probably be doing so after this year.

I remember that at the start of term 2, the class gave me this enormous and wonderful privilege of being the ct rep of the best class in nJc. The enormous shoes i had to fill, the class i had to gel, many many responsibilities dished upon a never-was-a-leader adrian. But i did it all, gladly.

Though i tried, i didnt succeed very well. the class probably remains as distant as before, if not more, more sad than before despite all the little tries to lift the class' spirits. And i think along the way, i lost quite some support in the manner i execute my duties.

I watched as the council did the pub stunt for grad night. all the little things that we'll miss when we graduate. then i felt sad. this class was split. it wasnt even physically together at breakfast tables. Those who were physically together, they spoke different tongues. Some spoke of council. which no one else could relate too. Other spoke of their ccas. of which im as guilty of. all of us hold the key to uniting the class, to making it better. are we using it?

Though not disillusioned, the worst came when doubts arouse over the manner i executed my duties. some disagreed with the views i had, and the manner in which i used it. i think my friendship with these certain individuals was damaged too.

After pondering over this several days, along with my new responsibilities in my CCA, i decided that the best was to hand this responsibility over to someone else who can do this much better. All i ask is that this new person works harder than i've done, and everyone else to put faith in him/her, and fight to be an A02-ian. For example, when im asked where im from, i identify myself as an A02-ian, never as a debater unless they probe further. i belong to a02. and the fact is some have let their other commitments creep in between themselves and a02. while both may co-exist, they can never be of equal weightage in your lives. all i sincerely hope is a02 matters more than you other commitments. for you are always an a02-ian for life.

The last i can do as a responsible CT rep, is to leave you all with a suitable candidate to take over. I'm sure all of you will agree with my choice when he/she is eventually ready to take over.

Once again, thanks for everything. and sorry for everything ive screwed.

Forever an A02-ian at heart.


KingADRIANthegreat [8:56 PM]

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