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Monday, May 16, 2005


kk i think all a02-ians rock so much for college day, to everyone who made time available, who went the extra mile..

char- thanks lot for the recipes, the bringing of stuff here and there, for waking early, for helping in all the way you cld possibly have.
kurt- thanks for your home, for being the delivery man, for buying the most impt meal, breakfast, for delivering all the paper needed, for all the help, for unleashing your inert leadership.
Benny- for being waffleman, for staying over at my place to make waffles till 1am, for bring us the laughs that made us so very happy.
Haoie- thanks for staying, for heading to Balestier in the morning, for helping even tho u had college day, for making yourself so useful.
Jason- Thanks for being Hansel, for taking all that embarrassment so well, for staying till 11, for persuading so many people to buy, for being the best waffle selling machine.
Jeff- thanks for staying till 11, for making all the dancers to buy waffles, for being ever so persuasive, for giving us the fun we love. for being the jester.
steph- thanks for the marvellous design, the many times you went outta the way, and i admit that the AEP students are overused. =D
karen- for selling the highest amounts of waffles, for rising to the occasion so many times when we called for your expertise, for turning up and giving your best despite committments later on.
judith- for taking all the pics that will help keep these memories ever lasting, for frothing eggs the way they shld, for laughing along with us all.
shufen- for coming after CF, for forgetting to bring your friend, for being so cheerful and being wafflegirl
sheryl- for volunteering to help the very moment u came, for coming in the morning, and for being a poor mafia. =D
shermin- for being gretel (howddya spell it?), for shouting so much when accidentatly in love was played, for being so ever enthusiastic with all the waffle making sessions, and for your dad. =D
sam- for bringing all the stuff needed, for rushing home late at night to go to paya lebar, for being ever so sporting
shuqi- for putting your tallness into use =D, helping out with all the decor.
shuheng- for all the gummy smiles, all the enthusiasism, your happiness when u saw us selling and rushed along with your friends, and did they buy?
linghui- for being icecream girl, for screaming, for being accounts girl for a short time, for bringing all that bloody fun
sara- for helping along with sheryl and shufen, for making your prescene felt despite the quiet self, and your queer chinese dance look. =D
christine- for eating a free waffle =D hehe for making choir buy all that, for bringing so much laughter to that boring selling
sophia- for staying to watch kingdom of heaven, for all the enthusiastic times, for making everyone happy during mafia=D
cassy- for coming back and trying to pass off as an NJ girl (Did u succeed? suiho recognised u right? so fail lah!!!!)

suiho- for a teacher who doesnt help out, you talk too much. looking forward to you lecturing me, and i hope you enjoyed your roti boy while we worked our asses out.

lastly, sorry for the poor planning, inefficient production process, bad pricing policies, screwed up bid price, poor leadership.


KingADRIANthegreat [12:18 AM]

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