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Sunday, May 15, 2005


yox baby!
cassy said i sounded horny when i say that.
i replied: "it's exclusively for your ears only" :) [im straight k?] haha...
life---rocking cool? everyday life is becoming better. at least for me.
i've been relatively happy for these 2 days. yayy
thou i very much much much wish life would resume back to 5mths ago
and that i can re-live the days of old A02, but i realised i've gotta move on.
moving on doesnt mean forgetting about the past. it jus meant that we place the past in an exclusive place in our heart and think about it once-in-a-while.
much like sheng, cassy, brynner, nat. you guys are NEVER, i repeat NEVER ever forgotten.
moving on also means accepting the new A02 people(which i've at first very dun-feel-like-doing-so). accepting them, and not comparing them to any of those who left. yes. cos there'll never be another sheng-brynner-cassy-nat-lookalike-feelalike.

you know i have a friend who's so so close with me last time in anderson. we used to be in a clique and we've been classmates(in the same class) for 4years le. she was in nj for first 3mths(yea,the one i gave flowers to?), but very unfortunately she couldnt be back anymore. she didnt make it and now she's in tj. life's been very cruel to her and me and my bunch of friends as well. she's a very unadaptable person, much worst than me. i took 3days to warm up to A02. it's been months already and she hasnt quite warmed up to her class, nor the school. nor anybody in tj. this sucks. and everyone of us has been very preoccupied with our own shit stuffs that we've very convinently forgotten about her. she's quite sad that we didnt invite her to college day. (actually we did, but she doesnt wanna come. cos she heard it from the tj people before she heard from us) im not tryin to push blame here or anything. cos i can understand the situation she's in now, cos i've been on the same boat before. jus that im mentally stronger and God has been kinder to me in many ways. what im tryin to say is that we do not love her a single bit less. in fact more. we cherish her more, want to love her more. but it's jus beyond our ability. all in all--always show the person that you care. always always in your free time, no! even during your busy times, drop a msg/emal to someone in another sch or another class whose your very close friend last time in sec sch to say you care, you thought of him/her and that you miss him/her. you never know how important you are k? :)

im blessed to have met such wonderful people. you guys have really been my pillar of support in NJC.
(: linghui aka beng ah!

KingADRIANthegreat [12:38 PM]

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