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Friday, May 13, 2005

hello dearest a02!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you all SOSOSOSOSO much!!!!!!!!!!
anyway...erm.. here's what happened this week!
on monday, i finally got my.. i dunno what it's called..but it's something plastic and metal thing.. (really helpful description, huh?? haha) that i've to wear on the roof of my mouth to push my teeth apart because the dentist doesnt wanna extract my teeth.. so i currently slur all my words, and i cant say things like "stupid", "sex" and "teacher" -- words which my classmates were trying to get me to say.. haha..

had lit lecture test on tuesday on some Robert Frost poem called "The Leaf Treader" and we were asked how it reflects his main concerns and dunno what....which i'm so sure i failed.
if i do not fail it, i swear i'll die from a heart attack of shock.. i mean, what on earth are Robert Frost's main concerns?? since i wasnt here the first three months i dont know much about Mr Robert, and i also havent bought his book yet -- I think i'm the only lit student in rj without a Robert Frost book, and i keep waiting for one to drop out from the sky but it never does.

i sat for half an hour shaking my legs and staring around the lecture theatre and everyone was scribbling away furiously and i was just shaking my legs..and shaking my legs...and shaking my legs some more. i'm utterly totally incompetent in lit, i've no idea what the hell i'm doing in Arts. i couldnt even THINK of how to start crapping my answer. argh.

plus my GP common test is coming up and my GP teacher is a bum who doesnt do anything during GP and just lets us stare into each other's eyes for one hour.. and i'm sure i'll fail my GP too.

other than that.. i'm fine.. haha. and my class is getting better and better everyday just that no one speaks during lessons time, so it's basically my teacher talking and me replying and everyone else keeping stonily quiet.. and the teachers are very frustrated with the rest of the class for not speaking, but still, they refuse to open their mouths.
okay, i probably make them sound like mutes.. haha... but they do come alive during break times and they talk alot, just that i dont know why they dont speak AT ALL during class time. and i've a guy classmate who waxes his legs, and (yes, it's a HE!) has the most shiny, hairless, sexiest legs i've ever seen in the world...!! i feel quite disturbed by his lack of hair... and another guy classmate who frequents the gay forum.. for real. not for fun!!! egad!! haha.. but they're quite fun people..

hmm yah. hopefully i'll see you all on saturday!!! i've to go for dinner with my family on sat to celebrate my father's birthday, so i also dunno how, but i'm going to come for college day anyway!!!!!! yeShHH!! see you all!!!!!!

missing you all tons,

KingADRIANthegreat [6:57 PM]

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