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Friday, May 20, 2005


Hey guys I’m finally here! I owe everyone a large apology for not visiting here regularly but I’ve got a good reason. Because the speed of my internet connection is so unbelievably slow that it takes around one donkey year to load the webpage? BUT I’m here now after PATIENTLY waiting for an extremely long time for that. So I guess my sincere efforts to keep up with this blog will allow u guys to forgive me ya?

Anyways, I need to apologise AGAIN for not turning up for many class outings during this period of time. I know some people may think that I’m anti-social or too caught up with my clique but that’s untrue. I still love a02 very much but it’s just that I’ve been so drained out with all my commitments in school and the workload that I haven’t had any time for myself to relax at home like what I used to do. So, whenever I have free time or anything, I’ll grab this opportunity to take a rest at home and just spend some quality time with myself. So please please understand me. I would really love to spend more time with the class too but I really need a break from the hype sometimes or my body will seriously not be able to take it.

AND there’s no such thing as a clique in a02 ok! A02 is one big clique itself! Okay I have to admit I may have been neglecting some of the a02 people nowadays unknowingly. After some friendly reminders from others, I realized that yeaps. I’ve indeed toned down a lot in the class. Meaning that I am like sticking to this tight group of people and somewhat not talking much to the rest. I’m really sorry about that!

Dangs.. why does my entry revolve around me apologizing to u guys? I have my pride too! Haha.

Oh yah. I shall share with you guys a particular disturbing incident in our classroom a few days ago. Me, beng ah and some other people were quietly mugging and minding our own business. And our dearest Adrian has to give us a sneak preview of his debut mtv, ‘dancing’ to britney spears’ songs (which he claims that he likes but I think it is the erotic content that he’s interested in! HAHA) and his moves were totally hot! They basically include some lizard-climbing on the wall, pointing at all directions all the while keeping his head low, trying to act mysterious and sexy. Omg. It was so entertaining though Jason said that his moves were ‘almost offensive’. Haha!

When I saw mugalot dancing and singing to really old britney songs, I was suddenly reminded of brynner. How he would sing his little ‘I’m a bitch I’m a lover..’ song. It never fails to crack all of us up. How he would tell us to smile and be happy when a02 is undergoing a rather depressing period of time when everybody’s sad. His exact words: “ you guys be happy so I can be happy too!” he sounded so sincere that you just can’t help but smile at his effort to make all of us happy. At that moment, I really felt like crying when I thought about him. But I must be strong! I can’t keep on crying! So well.. I suppressed my tears and sheng and his ‘shi nian’ song came into my mind. I recalled how he would excitedly play that song on his hp and pretend that he’s playing the harmonica with his phone. How he would sing that song so passionately with a whole lot of emotions. Good old sheng. I’ve always wanted to relive our observation periods before gp class with my good old observation gang comprising of: me, ruth, beng ah, and of course our gorgeous cassie. Haha cassie.. how she would blatantly point at people and proclaim her disgust for them. Haha. That crazy girl. One day she’s gonna be boxed by some not-so-tolerating person. *sigh .. memories.. memories.. memories

I seriously think I must walk out of the first three mths a02 shadow and stop being nostalgic. I must be more involved in the class. I must stop comparing. And most importantly, I must regain my voice! It’s a torture not being able to talk! *sob


KingADRIANthegreat [10:40 PM]

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