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Saturday, April 23, 2005


harlow all! i didn blog for quite some time liao eh. was being reali lazy n stuff. oh well. haha i suppose to be studying now. oops. think im surely goin to fail my first maths lecture test liao haha. didn noe how to do ap gp sumation then my binomial n partial fracs like so suck lidat la. oh well. hahah n i got 9 over 20 for my first econs mcq test. lol. power rite? haha im dead! like wat i told all of ur. the pple here all under influence to not study hard wan. die liao! hahah today they wanna go town study la. like how to focus rite. so i didn go. n i stayed at home n guess wat? hahah the whole afternoon i spend sleepin and lazing around. haha read like only 1 page of the geo textbk. straler. haha so heavy la. 2kg i think. yup. n sucks la. nafa round the corner n im stil like short of 10 plus cm for my standing broad. the other can get A wan! maybe sit n reach not so stretchy la. but then my standing broad not even C la. hehe. im goin church later! n hopefulyl charlene goin too cause she got my letter from yux! yay! hehe so happy! n im also goin to write back. so pple! charlene can be our messenger! hehe char don mind rite? hehe. thx alot! hahah yup. miss ur guys lots even as i get on n adapt wif my life here. finally decided to go for it and run for council cause of many factors. dunno la. gd frens tell me i should. oh well. n tt day was house comm election day. the romanis house which is green n arts fac nominees were so pathetic la. we had to vote for 5 pple. but i only tick 3. cause the rest i thought like no reason to vote for. maybe im abit mean la. hahah but reali la. then tell say those who nv tick 5 will be forfeited haha. so wateva la.. then i saw my arts fren from ac. he was liek u go run for council sure get in wan. cause its again by house wan. so i my ego was boosted n i decided to run lo! haha smiles.. hoopefully the competition won be tt great but still be there. if not..... wah the coucil damn sad liao la. oh well haha . i guess its the speech tt create the most impact to vote the person or not. cause tt mostly wat i based my votes on as i don even noe those pple la. hehe. hope ur doin really fine! next time maybe when i come back is to assk ur for studies help hahah! then mus help me k! lulu also RJ wan ar. should be of higher ceilibert. haha i kant speel . ur all should noe. smiles . actually after typin im feelin reali go its like to ur. tellin ur all my stories after tt time we had separated. hehe. miss e ernest n sincere of a02. i tell ur sumthin. hoepfully my class pple wont be reading this. hahah at sa, my class hor very fun. no offence but the gals reali more fun then e gals at nj. but hor. i feel tt most of them so superficial n fake wan. hahahahah really la. dunno. hehe. guess its jus 2 type of personality. hehe okie so prolly tt all for now. hahaha wonder how much i hav said. study hard pple! i will be praying for all n missin all! next time hor if i ever get to my dream of my own restuarant we can hav a free meal n class gatherin there hahaha. but i tink tt jus a dream hehe. so oh well! frens forever ya! tc! n God bless the souls of A02! muacks!

*sumone who tinks abt a02* waahahah

KingADRIANthegreat [2:39 PM]

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