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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

thanks so much

hi all, jas here.

having read some of the entries online and really experiencing the 05a02 class spirit 1st hand, ur camaradarie and love towards each other, i'm really humbled to be in such a class. being so new to nj and the class, there are so many instances when ur love really touches my heart, of how dearly (and indeed very painfully) missed are the A02-ians who got transferrred over to the other classes; the way you cheer and give ur heart to all that u do; the way u dance... So awesome!!!

to be honest, there are many times when i feel so guilty that i'm in the class, a reason why u guys are split up... because of the 2nd-intakers. yet u pple are so nice and friendly towards all of the 2nd-intakers, assimilating us into ur culture, ur lifestyle, ur laughs, ur spirit. A sincere thank you.

btw, i hope i don't offend anyone by my apparent lack of memory to remember names... yah... this sudden splash of new faces and personalities is so overwhelming, so gimme jus abit more time to get ur names rite, ok? i got MOST of ur names alry, so here's a note to who i can remember... (apologies to those i leave out... ur notes are under construction)

SPECIAL thanks to:
1) Kurt - thanks so much for being such a pal, and the first person i know, on my inaugral day in school.. filling me in with all the happenings in class, and being so friendly even before i actually met up with the rest of the class. Ur sensitivity to those around u is indeed admirable, how u make everyone feel so at ease!!! btw, heard u're the class intellectual... so next time got math problem i find u k? ;P

2) Shu Fen, Joanna - this important person who had done me!!! haha... in math that is. thanks for ur help in GP! from the few conversations i had with u, it was clear that u really love God and His pple! so yah... i'll be coming down for ur cf sessions and am looking forward to it!

3) Jeff - Mr. Darlie... haha charming smile on ur face! Ur affable nature makes u such great company! Ur dancing prowess makes anyone look like a klutz, impressive and smooth... i really feel like will hung next to u.. thanks for all ur laughs... haha... adds on to the atmosphere of the class dont u think? :)

4) Karen - William Hung eh? "she bangs, she bangs...." dots!! haha... really interesting how u make the association.. anyway, it was a pleasure knowing u and am so looking forward to us working together now that we are in the same GP group... sorry sister, looks like u're stuck with WH... :p

5)Judith - Our budding photographer!!! or paparazzi? jus kiddin'! wow... the pics u took were really funky and artistic... always vibrant and full of optimism, u're really... COOL!!

6) Shermin - ur highness' candor and affability are indeed virtues many aspire towards and miss. haha... yup.. ur passion's really outstanding... and i notice that that is really exemplified in ur WHATEVER action... smooth! pleasure knowin u... and man, wht a small world! Esther's friend...

7) Adrian, president of OBS, u're so bloody good fun to watch... haha... i can't help but chuckle at all ur gestures, expressions and witty remarks.. haha.. considered drama? and u are damn funky lah! and friendly... wow!

8) Hao Guang!!! fellow Wesleyan too!!! cool... great sport! funky attitude, and yet so nice and unassuming!! nice to know tt i've gotta bro in class!!Wow!! catch up with u sometime in church!!!

9) Sheryl... hello!!! haha... well... it's been really a pleasure knowing u and sincerest thanks for informing me about cf in NJC... din thot that i'll get tt here!! :)

10) Beng ah.. or ling hui! Sorry i really din catch ur name, got it right now, right?... but ur bubbly character has indeed been such an inspiration for me... it always feels so cheery in ur presence.. :)

11) Christine. wow... miss apple tree/tomato bush! so cool knowing u. ur eagerness to bond and ur affection for ur friends are such admirable traits!!! really like ur name, and i see u really living up to it in Christ!! :)

just pass the half way mark... well, its eleven now.. will continue tmr... thanks for ur hospitality again!! btw, i realise i can fit all ur names to ur faces!! the pple remaining are: Sophie, Benny, Sam, Steph, Charlene, Shu Qi, sara, and Shu Heng... sorry no time now.... write to u tmr k???

good nite!

KingADRIANthegreat [11:15 PM]

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