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Friday, April 01, 2005

tears flow freely.

i got alot to say. after reading you kai entry, it gav me such inspiration and prolly it had captured wat we are all goin through and has put everythin into such great understandings. firstly i must say thx u you kai, cause after reading ur entry, it has assured me tt my choice to drop lit n take geo was a gd one, cause i would nv be able to express such emotions and feeling to such an extend. so bear wif me hehe.

stupid christine. tears didn flow that freely for me. upon entering the gates of nj, i was jus crossing my fingers tt the guard wouldn stop me. then when i saw yux at the grandstand, i was kinda happy. the familiar face and always smile at me! i guess it was kinda like a build up of tears caus when i went up to the canteen, though onyl a small minority of the class was there, i could feel the special bond between the class n me. it has only been a week. and yet so much had happened. i was controlling tears. amused by the different way tt everyone looked in their nj uniform. as we tok. memories n thoughts filled my mind. it is reali true tt as long as u don tink so much u wont cry. but karen was instigating me. not tt i mind. the christine came along. n when i called her so turned round and cried out SHENG.

i reali felt loved n blissed. from the start, everyone has so affectionally called me. mind sound weird but all my life i was known as yong sheng. to all. only close frens will call me sheng. and there was a02. everyone shenging me. it reali made me feel so loved n wanted. then christine started crying. this point i kinda max out n the tears did flow freely. ruth joined in. n so did the others around. it was reali emotional. it was like seeing long lost frens after years. but it had only been a 'short' week apart.

standing at the parade sq, looking at the surroundings and the large crest at the top. i brigns back so much memories. i tell u. its the memories tt reali spark off the tears. the time we had together. jus right at tt location. lining up in morning assembly. everything seemed so familiar. but it was not to be. had i stepped into gr34 tonite, i would hav such impact on me. the feelign would nv be the same anymore. i tink im not reali making sense. lol. kant reali put it to words but ya. its jus tt. undescriptable by me.

each one of a02. in my best memories
liyana such a brother, sharing all the canoeing gossips wif me.
linghui my dearest mei, and her not bad.steph the one to irritate and chat wif during gp.
ruth such a laughing and nonsense character also to irritate.
christine another laughable partner also to irritate and my kemak kemak ya.
charlene best pal at the start of sch, not hiding anythin, i felt u changed.
karen my art mate, ever so outspoken, rmb lit lesson wif teo.
adrian besides brynner u my next guy pal to tok cock wif, 1 3 5 shallow ya.
kurt highly intellect.
jeff wat u say always turn out laughable wif R&C though it didn mean to.
charmaine jeff nv fail to make me rmb u, vice versa. the hiong dance wif him.
judith always taking pics like tonite n nv failing to chip in ur bit whenever.
shermin always so enthu n joyous. nv a dull moment.
cassy not happy wif being called tt n always rmb jerk sheng n all tt vera teasing.
rhoda wif a msyterious aura around u, n tt smile of urs, like very beyond words.
nat like a mama n tt yearn to hav so many kids.
haoie ur special story n shy insecure body language u show.
sophie i thoiught u didn reali liked me much, ur petiteness yet ur appetite.
erni ur fierce impatient scolding at me
shu heng ur 1 dollar ice cream n abt me not being a gentleman.
brynner doh doh head, to dance n to tok cock.

then the ogl
yux such a wordless special bond we hav.
emmi the first day of sch was a huge impression, wif ur wacking, n ur love to tc of me
sam the eyes n the shi wei n e siaoness u wan, i prolly disturb u more than anythin else
vince wat intellect together wif emotion such a lasting impression
you kai my big brother who though tok cock wif me ba kuh teh, had been always there to giv a hand.

and the wonderful seniors i known one way or other. silin, kim ,hannah, melvin, yue han, jun yi, van, choir aep chio senior, jerome, julie, cheryl, keefe, kenny, and many more wonders of nj

okie this is quite out of pt but now tt im not in nj i wouldn mind. this gal called clare had kinda captured my attention durin the last few weeks at nj. saw her tonite.ha

AND finally, ms teo ur fish n co screw up

oh well peace.

i learned sumthin at sa this week. that we saints are there not by chance.

n i definately do believe that 05a02 is nv there by chance and it has been by the grace of christ that we were togehter and had this special irreplacable fellowship wif each other.

so i encourage u all to accept god's plan for each of us and move on in life to acheive the best u can. but not to forget that each of ur had cross paths wif yong sheng from 3 jan 2005. haha
and it is not by chance.

i stil like this lyrics by green day
its sumthin unpredictable

but in the end its right
i hope u had the time of your life.

n i am certain it was the time of my life.a02 will always be there. i like pple being jealous of us.

so pple take reali gd care of urself n hav this noble thought that no matter how tough life gets always keep focus on the task ahead n nv look back. cause i do not believe in regretting n on a selfish point i feel that everyone should not too. it does no benefit. move on ya.

God Bless all
finished 1am

KingADRIANthegreat [11:45 PM]

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