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Friday, April 08, 2005

my babies. my class!

hello to all the lovely little ones in A02! first and foremost, let me extend my sincerest welcomess to the newbies!
i hope you're having the time of your life, jus like how each and everyone A02-ian in the first 3mths had the time of our lives! embrace this class ya? cos it's the class where you'll experience sadness, happiness, joys, laughters, sorrows, smiles and tears...*emotional roller-coaster. that's why life was sooo interesting for all of us! i hope the newbies get a chance to meet those who left, they're are really the SPIRIT of A02.
to those who left: you know you're sorely sorely missed!
to those who just arrived: you know you're mostly welcome into this family, where 22(+7) hearts beat as one!
to all newbies, if i had been hostile to you the past weeks, i wanna say a big big "sorry" from the bottom of my heart. i'm not someone who embrace changes. if you ask me, ya. i'd rather have my A02 back. if you ask around, im actually the latest to get bonded with the class lo. it took me a great deal of time. but once i bear my heart to A02, my love and heart jus goes out to this superbly wonderful superglueyily-bonded class. (: like i once did, i will always love A02, till my last breath...
here's out to each and every new A02-ian...
jason: so clever. forever speaking up in Lit lesson. *admire admire* well, the first time i saw you in the canteen, i kinda like you already. maybe cos you looked very familiar, it's as if i knew you. (: i'm LINGHUI by the wayy. not beng ah! with that accent of yours, it's really funny when you call me beng ah! lol...
sheryl/shu fen: forever sticking together couple! forever so frendly. i nv intro, but they also know me. (see this, jason?) i hope you girls are having fun!
sam: forever doing your work. so discipline. you and benny! ah, oh so cutttteeeee! (:
benny: "why so quite?" "ORH!" haha...cute cute and still cute. i'd never believe you were in npcc lar. not so gung ho and lian like me. ha!
sara: i thought your name was "sarah", jus like i thought sophia was "sophie". but anyway, now i know. forever quiet. only talking to judith. maybe i wasnt sociable enough. but well, hoping to hear from you. more more more!
shu qi: so chio. so tall. one word: envy!
yeps. i didnt miss out anyone. yayyys. im goooood at remembering names. nah, i only rmb ppl from A02. it's amazing how i memorise the names of 22 ppl jus within mins on our 1st day of orientation. rmb the names game we played? so darn fun lar. and the 3things, pick the one right one? hahahs... that's when everyone knew i LURVE soccer. (yayys. one more thing to know about me!)
love love and more more love,
linghui aka beng ah!

KingADRIANthegreat [9:37 PM]

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