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Sunday, April 10, 2005

love you guys

I'm at my mom's office, supposed to be doing work, but i just had to check the blog... My com's been down since before the 2nd orientation and when i read through all the entries i was really really touched by all the messages posted... I know that even though we aren't all in the same class, or even school, our friendship and love will not change. Karen's *plan* really is the natural way we should go if we want to keep the spirit alive and make it grow, and i have tried, ever since knowing about it, to realise it... All the socialising has been draining mentally and emotionally and i go home and literally vegetate to keep up the energy level... Sophia told me that i have had a personality swing after the 1st three months... But i know that the arts fac, through our efforts, is well on it way to becoming a giant A02... To all the ex-Ao2ians in Ao1 or 3, don't ever, ever doubt that we won't continue to grow in our friendship and love. You don't need to be torn between loyalty to Ao2 and another class, or between Ao2 and your CCA (whooo Liyana!) because we are INclusive not EXclusive... Make friends with everyone! If this sounds like a total turn around from my early stoner days, it is. But on that day when class postings came out, and i saw the girls crying, i realised: what we have is real. What we have is special. This is the stuff dreams are made of and we have to hold on to them. So i will do anything, everything to keep this. And to the new Ao2ians, if you're feeling overwhelmed, you're feeling what i felt when Ao2 started to get loud and bubbly... Culture shock maybe? Don't feel guilty (Jason!), we don't blame you guys and we LOVE you! And, in time (sooner better than later!) you'll realise that our loudness is not because we want to attract attention - it's because we are happy and we are loved. To those in other schools, don't ever feel despair or frustration that your class is dead or that you can't have Ao2 back - because i'm 100% sure that whenever you need A02 we'll be there for you! Come back and visit us often ya? And finally to old AO2ians, keep our spirit alive! Don't you dare let it die. This sort of thing happens only once in a lifetime, if you're lucky... Rock on! Ok now i have to do geog... See ya!

Jonathan Mark Winston Tse

KingADRIANthegreat [11:08 AM]

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