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Saturday, April 09, 2005

hey all! i'm blogging since adrian says the blog is empty and devoid of people!
anyway...just an update on my rj life..sobsob..
actually my class is getting better la..
the average number of words they speak a day has now been upgraded to ten words!!!
HURRAH!!! bravo!!
just kidding la.

actually they're quite alright now, except that every now and then, i cant stand it when silence sinks back in...but i guess i'm adjusting.
the porridge at rj is quite nice, by the way.
haha, sorry, just crapping.
and the snacks stall auntie at NJ is a meano!
let me complain abt her!

on friday i bought Pocky strawberry sticks from her, and they were at an alarming price of ONE DOLLAR!!!
that is so...ludicrous la!!
i was so taken aback..
sophie says im mad, and havent i bought pocky biscuits before?
well, duh, no.
i didnt expect it to be so expensive!! that is equivalent to a bowl of mee!
den i exclaimed in shock and terror, "WAHH, da qiang ah! (for the chinese illiterate, it translates into: daylight robbery ah!")
and the auntie scolded me vehemently, "what robbery? how dare you say i'm robbing you? then you still buy from me? huh? ..." (i forgot what else she said, because it was an intelligible mess of curses and chinese swear words at me)
i was quite taken aback by the auntie.
hello?!?! no need to take me so seriously right?!

i digress. let me go back to the topic of erm, rj. i've a lit teacher who has not worn any other shirt other than a Giordano v-necked tee-shirt since the start of school in Jan3. (as reported by my other classmates) and she likes to sit down and squeeze her arms together...and tada! our eyes are stung by the horrid obscene sight!!
i feel utterly lost by Shakespeare. we're doing Measure for Measure now.
my lit teacher likes to say that the character Angelo is very perverse, but i think my lit teacher is as perverse as Angelo.
hey yux, heard you all are doing Measure for MEasure too!
pls tell me what's going on in the story, cos i really really really feel very very very lost during lessons.

my human geog teacher is a veryvery funny, amusing and entertaining man. he's a great teacher!!
and my physical geog teacher is a very good too, as i've highlighted many times...student who surpasses her teacher (aka miss ting!)
my econs teacher is very poor thing. nobody answers him when he talks to us, and he is reduced to tears (and also sweat, as his entire chest and back is soaked with salty sweat) as he pleads with us, "please...let me just hear your voice... c'mon, you've got to learn to talk to me.."

WAHAHHA... damn funny sia.. but nobody replies him..except me, and my answers are crap, so i think he's fedup with our class on the whole. sorry if i've bored you with my update on rj!!
but ya, that's abt all. i feel quite sian in school la.

anyway, can we pls pls pls pls have an a02 outing soon! (newbies plus oldies!) =)


KingADRIANthegreat [9:41 PM]

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