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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

HEY all!! good job to all the people who made speeches today! =)
i only saw charlene's and charmaine's ones, but yeah..good job to the rest!! i heard ruth's one was very touching, as reported by gummy heng who said she wanted to cry when she heard ruth's one. wahaha..
i didnt know it was so obvious that my nj uniform was not ironed.. haha!! sorry la, adrian, u big dulan person!!
anyway, let me tell you guys about my rj classmate!! he skips school every friday to go to AC.. and he blogged about his ac trips and included pics of himself in the ac uniform and all that, and how he was amused by the ac prayers in the morning..
and the ac principal somehow saw his blog and was SUPER angry and informed the rj principal who then proceeded to scold my classmate.. and the discipline head is going to see my classmate's parents on monday to discuss whether my classmate is gonna stay on in rj. (in other words, they're going to kick him out for ponning sch to go to ac..) what the hell right?!?!?! i didnt know principals were so bitchy la..so i felt a sense of trepidation and terror when i walked into nj today wearing the nj u... haha..
anyway the moral of the story is... err, dun blog cos the principals might see what you're blogging! as in, seriously.. the rj principal goes around looking at rj pple's blogs. what the hell?!?!?! i shall remain anonymous in this entry, in case he sees this!
erm...life in rj is sian as usual. haha.. but my class is warming up and it's getting better!! although the classmate who goes to ac every friday, likes to eat his nails in class, and i squirm everytime i see him eating and biting his nails so furiously..
there's also a girl in my class called Pinky, and we all dislike her. She has a pink scrunchie, a bright pink pencilbox, pink highlighters, pink bag, pink shoes, pink shoelaces, pink face, etc etc. and the pink just looks totally weird on her, cos she's kinda short and dark and plump and yah..our class has sort of bonded together in our dislike for her. so mean, i noe..haha.. but ya... arrrgghhhh. i feel sick of her pinkiness. AND she isnt a nice person either.
hmm..other than that..everything is all right, i guess.
i'm getting sick of the cute guys here. hoping to spot ugly ones around school...wahaha! just kidding la..
anyway, can u all pls reply and confirm whether you all are free on saturday? and whether we can meet in the afternoon or evening yah??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

KingADRIANthegreat [4:19 PM]

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