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Friday, April 01, 2005


this has been the saddest week of my life. effectively i feel like killing myself. for a moment, i almost felt like i wouldnt be happy again. i would not start an entry on how much i lurve 05a02. i think that love has been driven into each and every of our heart and there's no point repeating it cos we already feel so strongly for one another and for the class. it is not and will not be easy for others to comprehend that love, cos they werent part of the class. i always feel that we were veri different individuals put together to survive in a class. and we did that to perfection. cos we're such emotional people who put our love on our mouths lar--we openly expresses our love for each other. althought it may not have touched heaven and earth, nor mrs virginal cheng's stone-harded heart, i'm sure it doesnt matter. it only matters to us. cos we were part of the class, and we felt all the emotions.
as i see tears coming from almost everyone today, i was shocked. people whom i nv expected to be emotional were crying or looking sad lar. out of the whole NJ, i think only we cried. ha! even the vp, mr koh was quite shocked! he really sympatises with us. i can tell. trust me! (: today, i'll do my tribute to each and every A02-ian who left. to tell you guys that you all ROCK so very much. and God has been quite kind. He gave me a one-in-a-lifetime experience. maybe He was a little cruel. but without loss, would we treasure what we once had so much? food for thought...
ShengX: the best CT ever. without you, i dunno how 05A02 will function. but dun worry. we wont let u down k? we'll keep our class in tip top condition. you're sorely missed! and you're my one and only Gor loh. and i'll alwayss be your Mei. keep in touch k? love u loads!
Brynner: hey! i always rmb u dancing our class dance la. i can literally picture u in my mind. memories jus flow. your attitute towards life AMAZES me. really. thou i know i repeat this for many times le. but really. you taught me how to smile (: even at life's suckiest pit. u ROX!
Liyana: your determination for life should be learnt by all throughout the whole. you taught me how to be strong. esp mentally. thank you so very much. mb now, no one will be there to motivate me when i run. but you'll always be in my mind while i run. hopefully i'd run faster. ha! continue to be loyal to mr yong. haha! rox on BABE!!!
Cassy: ahhh! one who always laugh at my jokes. one who never let her mind get polluted by rumours abt me. cassy, u ROX. i love the way you stare at guys as if they're some ailen(sounds familiar). haha! i love the way u go crazzzzzy over guys la. so darn funny- maybe one day you will come back with this superbly ugly bf, cos you're so sian of cute and shuai guys from RJ liao. but anywayyy, miss u always and be true to your promise ar. visit us as and when u can! (:
Charmaine: never thought you're capable of crying. but truely, you intellectual comments during Lit lessons will be sorely missed. angus will miss you like shit. but so will I, ok? you're exceedingly intelligent at those lame jokes lar. like "mary died last night, did she die?"...haha. im so dumb. but you're so smart. smarty pants! muacks! (:
Rhoda: babe! did i say i lurve your laughter? esp when you always burst out laughing ALL of a SUDDEN! it cracks me up. geog is going to be superly boring wo you. but anywayys, i'll see you in geog lectures k? aragorn rocks by the way. i love the way you love LOTR. jus like me!!! i can never imagine another movie as great as LOTR liaos. (: so good taste by d way babe! dun cry cos it aint over.
Ruth: my darling darling beng ahhh! i love everything about you. dont be angry at God ya? believe in him. he has great great plans for you. your leaving our class doesnt change your standing in my heart. it does not change the fact that you're in 05a02 and the fact that you always will be. you live in my heart. always and forever. true frendship will and can stand the test of time and distance. trust me on that k? jus like how u consoled me when i had problems with my sec sch frends, i wanna assure you that too! muackss.
Natalie: the one who can bake, who can study, who watches F1, who can sew--the list goes on! you're the perfect mom la. haha. wish you were my sister or sthg, den u can do everything for me. or teach me everything. your husband is one lucky guy on Earth man~ anyways, i admire your courage. go ahead and pursue your dreams. it's great that your family is behind you as well. i'll always remember you as the girl with a biggg heart and who wants 4kiddies. (: rock on babe. show me your kiddies next time. ha! me wanna have 11(linghui's united). woohoo~
and with that, 05A02 is left with 14 people. but in reality, it's always a class formed by 22 individuals whose hearts beat as one. i love u all. muacksssssssss-
with love,
linghui aka beng ahhhh!

KingADRIANthegreat [10:12 PM]

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