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Monday, April 04, 2005

and life goes on.

last friday night, i was sitting at home in bed with a storybook in my lap. every five minutes i looked up at the clock and thought about you guys, and missed you all more. when i finally started crying my mum thought it was because my headache was getting worse.

i wish i could have been there. i wish i could've seen charmaine and jeff dancing their butts off like before. i wish i could've seen sophie and shermin go crazy. i wish i could've hung out with erni trying not to get trampled over by the crazy congo line. i wish i could've seen a02 together again. i wish i could've seen the ogls. i wish i could've screwed up the mass dance with all of you. i wish i had the chance to experience the nj spirit at its best one more time. i wish a lot of things. sometimes i wish i didn't love writing so much, because that's the only reason i could bring myself to leave njc and a02.

you guys were family. you guys are family. i am possibly one of the most socially retarded people i know, and i'm painfully conscious of that. i was terrified of starting out in a new school, a new environment, a whole new world of people unlike anyone i'd ever interacted with before, but the warmth and the bond that we formed was incredible. i woke up every morning wanting to go to school, to be with you all, to get to know you better and to cement our friendships. you will never know how much you guys really impacted me.

i got a lot closer to some of you than the rest, but i would never hesitate in calling any of you friends. the past ten weeks have meant more to me than the past ten years i've spent in ij, and i would never believe that such strong feelings can come from such a short timeframe if i hadn't spent it with all of you. i love you guys, and i'm definitely never going to forget the time we spent together. i miss it, and i treasure it, and i doubt i'm ever going to experience anything as wonderful as a02 again.

there's so much i learnt from all of you, about being strong and being who you are, about expressing yourself and not being afraid of what other people think. so on top of everything else, i want to say thank you. for all the little moments we've spent together that you may not remember, but that meant the world to me.

to the ogls: thank you for making the effort to get to know us, for being nice, for your enthusiasm, for helping us settle in school, for looking out for us even after you helped us settle in, for putting up with us, for going out of your way to make us feel at home, for making us feel like we could go to you for advice, for help, or just to talk.

to adrian: for being the complete opposite of the person i thought you'd be. for making any class bearable. for teaching us all the wrong things (like how to pon class all the time!). and for pointing out that i would be paying way more than my share of the cookie if we split the fish and co. dinner equally.

to brynner: for being our very own male cheerleader. for stopping outside every shop at far east to look at your reflection and fix your hair and shirt. for pretending to be from nj's rugby team. (ahaha) for being the anchor behind the talentime dance. and for telling the most corny jokes i have ever heard from the first time we went out for a class dinner at serene centre.

to charmaine: for not being as scary as you seemed. for being so damn smart/analytical. for always speaking your mind. for liking old british actors. for having fantastic taste in music ;). for being so fun to talk to. for telling our english class i want 7 kids. for being so damn adorable around jeff. (ahahaha. don't kill me!) for being so entirely fanatical about p&p. and for becoming one of the best friends i've made in njc.

to christine: for thinking that everyone is either handsome, pretty, or charming. for giving so much, so often. for going out with two boys at the same time. :) for volunteering to go to the maldives. for the seashell. for being such an essential part of the a02 spirit. and for being so unbelievably on all the time.

to erni: for making it so easy to like you from day one. for being so motherly. for wowing everybody by your elegance at the fish & co. dinner :D. for sharing your problems with me. for being so responsible, even if you take on too much sometimes. for always being nice. for the cross-stitch. for all your sweet notes. for defending me when i couldn't defend myself. for always being a shoulder to cry on. for letting me be your friend. for all the times we talked about not-so-girly things. for the rose on valentine's. for being the best friend i could ask for in njc. for being strong even when things aren't going your way. i love you big time.

to haoguang: for having a sister in ij. heh. for being so artistic it can be overwhelming. for being such a sport. for being a02's haoie, and not protesting. too much. for the two times we went home together. for not being as quiet as i thought you were. and for proving me right when i said you were a nice person.

to jeff: for not being a shithead (haha). for being evil because you can. for laughing like... something very loud. for every single conversation we've had -- very few people make me laugh like you can. for not spoiling the dan brown book for me. for thinking of me when no one else did. for the random smses. for trying to trick me into thinking you were your mother! for wanting to be a mugger. for the late nights on msn. for becoming such a good friend. for all this, and so much more. <3

to judith: for all your little notes that made me cry. for trying to convince me to stay. for showing me your poems. for your passion for photography. for trying out for air rifle even though you didn't think you'd make it. for just being there to talk to. for being responsible, so much more than i could ever be. for anime!slash. haha. for always being nice. for putting up with me for so long, and never complaining. *hugs*

to karen: for showing me that all the drawings on the internet really are done by real people, i would never have believed it if you hadn't shown me your work. for being able to tell me about the man of my dreams better than i could. ;) for your sweet belated valentine's note. for practically doing the class banner on your own. for never being afraid to say what you think. for practicing tact, when you want to. for always being true to yourself. for showing me that it takes all kinds, and for every morning spent at the grandstand.

to kiki: for repeatedly trying to play matchmaker to rhoda. for answering to such a bimbotic name. for putting 150% into everything you do. for your relative patience. for being so hardworking! for being fun to hang around. and for, most importantly, ending up less intimidating than i thought you were. :)

to kurt: for being so, incredibly talented. for asking to write in my book, i was really amazed. for proving to me that not all boys write in chicken scrawl! for starting weird things like the 'clique' list. for not letting anyone talk you out of your cynicism. for being so modest. for playing wei qi with yourself, heh. and for becoming a friend.

to linghui: for being the best gp rep ever! for being such a sports buff. for watching f1, sometimes. haha. for calling yourself a 'mu zhu', and for wanting eleven kids! that's five more than i want! for always being so nice, and easygoing. and for always having something nice to say about everyone.

to liyana: for calling my cake 'orgasmic' ahahahahahaha. for making the first move and talking to lulu and i on the second day of orientation. for being so determined. for being a motivator, and a very firm one. for showing me that self discipline is a very powerful thing. for always making people laugh. for helping me with my cross-stitch. and, of course, for the bread gang. ;)

to lulu: for being the only other ij girl in our sec 4 class to apply for nj arts. for getting into the same class as me. :) for reminding me that ij is and will always be my school, and that nj's a whole new chapter. for being so easy to hang around with. for making everyone laugh like mad all the time. for always suggesting bishan when everyone else lives on the other side of the world. and for always staying true to yourself, just like in ij.

to rhoda: for all the conversations we've had, during gp and out of it. for being as useless in cultual mapping as i was. (ahaha) for showing me true passion every time you sang. for sharing your writing. for all our debates over legolas. :D for being okay with slash, most of the time. and for teaching me it's okay to say what you feel.

to ruth: for 'beng ah'. :) for never being afraid to be yourself. for refusing to lose 'scissors paper stone' to brynner on the bus. haha. for your undying enthusiasm. for everything you've done for a02. for not being afraid to say how much you like keefe. (heh) and also, for keeping the a02 spirit burning bright wherever you go.

to sheng: for being a natural-born leader. for stepping up to the plate when you had to. for always making the class laugh. for admitting that you cried over a02. for being strong enough to tell us that right now, the only thing we can do is move on, without forgetting to keep in touch. for trying to dance in talentime. and for always being yourself, even if it means other people are laughing at you. :)

to shermin: for being the funkiest person i've met in njc. for always wanting to attend classes. for having big dreams and the guts to tell everyone how you're going to go for them. for helping with my sisters' zhou ji. ahaha. for always being so chirpy in the mornings. for having kickass taste.

to shuheng: for being the nicest, friendlist, funniest person to me on the first day we spent together as a class. for not taking math and always laughing at us about it. :) for letting us tease you (mostly because you couldn't stop us, anyway) and for staying nice throughout the first ten weeks every time we spoke.

to sophie: for providing a listening ear every time i needed one. for letting me return the favour whenever i could. for talking things out when you didn't always have to be nice enough to. for being terrible at directions. :) for being my chou lao gong. (ahaha) for being so full of crap, and letting me be full of crap back. for making njc fun. for telling me to keep in touch. for giving me confidence. for being so gullible. for being so nice the first time we went for an og dinner at serene center, and for always caring about your friends. we love you too. *mwah*

to steph: for showing us what talent really means every time you dance. for making me feel like wushu was actually fun. for the conversation we shared the first day you joined our class. for being open-minded enough to get to know us, and to let us get to know you back. for being one of the people i will always be thankful that i got to meet, and for making up the lit analysis practically off the top of your head that one time we worked together as a group. ;)


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