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Sunday, April 03, 2005


I never thought I’d cry so much. It scares me how I can feel so broken over so many people, one being. I don’t really know how to phrase it, and I’m afraid to, because I don’t want to feel that loss again. And all of you, each and every one of you, understand. I have something to say to everyone, now that we’ve passed a new phase and everything.To Adrian: You have a beautiful mind. “By no means, were we beautiful alone.” You’ve touched me very much. Thank you. Respect sia.To Angelface: You’ve been so dear to me. I’ll always retain a space for you on my sofa for moviethons. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement and silly as well as profound conversations. There’ll never be another one like you, to make me ponder so much.To Beng-ah: Model student who talks so much crap! Haha. Ling hui you really surprised me and brought a lot of gossip and life to us. You’ve been so supportive and post so often and made me happy on a lot of occasions. Although we don’t really spend a lot of time together I always have this feeling that my fellow hardworker is just around the room, never too far away. Thanks for being so unpredictable.To Brynner: You stand for too much. You’re brave and brazen and you’ve achieved beyond boundaries that many have daren’t breach. (Ms Ting smiles! Aah!) I think you’ve been the first to force out genuine, unrestrained, hearty laughter from me. I’ll always look up to you.To Cassie: I wish I were closer to you. You’re so special and so firm in your decisions, no matter what others say. Even though many have tried to dissuade you, you still went on to RJ and took 3 subs; even though many RJ people disapprove of your loud behaviour, you still remain true to yourself and “heck care la!” You showed me clarity and a really rare hamster. I miss your pai kia presence. Two words: pei fu. (Taking non-hat off to her)To Emmi: Aiyo I don’t think I’ll ever shake off the memory of you flinging this Chinese High guy off the slope at the oasis and slamming Vince against the wall and striding like a ruffian and laughing maniacally like nobody’s business XD Haha! You’re so busy yet you make time to listen to our rubbish, and unimportant matters, and readily accept our griping even though your phone pill must be way off the limit. Your hugs have always been so reassuring. : 3To Erni: The embodiment of woman. I’m really proud that you represent us as a CT rep and as a feminist. You take things in a collected and mature manner. I’m honoured to be your friend.To Gummyheng: Mittensmom-who’s-actually-very-very-slacker. Your Chinese is so pro!!! Shu heng, I really appreciate your comfort and ‘hey girl, don’t be sad’ lines. Thank you for the happy and crappy times spent during non-maths moments. It’s wonderful spending time with you; I don’t know, you make me feel very protected!! Haha.To Jeffro: It’s not a colgate smile it’s a darlie smile!!! I insist. Jeff you’ve been a wonderful spokesperson, actor, dancer, faux-newsreader, listener+conversationalist, teacher and friend. Your confidence and rock-star walk and explosive laughter never cease to amaze me.To Judith: You’re not quiet lor! The first time I met you, you spoke so much! You seem so serious and rational but every time we speak in the mornings at the grandstand I cannot help wondering why you don’t often show your adorable and spontaneous side. People, I’m writing this to show you things I found out about you guys that others never knew or even deigned to imagine. I hope you’ll all discover Judith’s fun-loving character soon! (She’s actually quite talkative.)To Kinky: My kinky darling. Favourite person to discuss life issues with. (Angelface is for movies and concepts, Rhoda’s for dreams and fantasy – nothing we talk about is ever completely realistic/feasible, huh, Jeff’s for angelface, and Judith’s for art!) You’ve opened my eyes to fresh ideas and truths countless times. I owe you a lot. You’re always there for me to depend on and I’ll continue to be there to listen to everything you need to release. Your advice is priceless. I’ll miss you so much during GP.To Kurt: I remember you as the not really willing to socialize/participate person, but that’s changed a lot as A02 grew in cohesion and love. Now I say hi to you every morn at the grandstand and admire the fact that debaters get to wear the blazer so often! I think you’re a genius, and I most definitely need your mind in building the Arts family. Support!!!To Liyana: Canoe devotee! As you know, I think you’re really determined, what with your perseverance and commitment and promises that are always fulfilled! Liyana is wayyy cool and you sing with loadsa attitude; don’t ever stop being true to yourself, hon!To Mr Clam: Thanks for making me realise how much we mean to you. Your encouragement and special regard for us is very important to me. You kai you made me cry, you horrible mollusc! That poem was very…original. Your advice and care is not superficial and they’ve been helpful and useful. You are the epitome of leadership with sensitivity : ) To Nat: Literary buff. You know too much, mi amigos! And you’re so dedicated to what you do, everything is done in a very homey, warm, loving, and delicate manner. I hope you enjoy poly life and please spread cheesecake love! And of course, never forget us. We’ll be expecting more of you in the future; do come visit us! (pleads) Such an inspired person.To Princess: Very very expressive, loud and courageous. There are too many things to say; especially when Christine does so many things, I don’t think there’re sufficient adjectives. I always thought I saw bits of myself in you (ESFJ!) and you’re so my type of girl to hang around with. You give compliments freely and I think you deserve so much more than you’ve offered.To Rhoda: My complement. An artist in her words, her expressions, her dreams. A lovely person to be with. You make me feel comfortable, flustered, exasperated, appreciated, impatient, distressed, stressed, significant, supported, and loved. We’re so similar in different ways nobody would ever comprehend or experience unless they were you, and you are irreplaceable. You know me, and how I cannot fully finish what I feel because you never let my passion end.To Ruth: R is for rampant, ridiculous, random and rarely makes sense. HAHA just fooling around. Sigh. Ruth you’ve been indescribably unpretentious, eager, affectionate, creative, giving, synthesizing and just such a fantastic companion I simply can’t give you up to A01. Your loyalty to us and Ignis is whole and passionate, and you just devote yourself to so many things that are important to A02 and you made me laugh then cry then laugh until I really need to pee. You’re just. too hard to let go, you know? To Sam: CHIOBU! You’ve been the role model for many A02-ians haha, being talented, sensitive and pretty. It’s you who’s the first senior to laugh at our class whenever we say silly things during assembly, and you always have this bemused expression that’s very amiable and pleasant. A02’s very blessed to know you.To Sheng: The spark that ignited the A02 flame of passion. YOU were the one who got us roaring, YOU were the one who superglued us together, making us rather irate in the meantime, by the way, but lub lub anyway <3>_>;; DANCER. Your talent is abundant, and it’s going to continue to flourish, I believe. To Wincy Vincey Spider: To Rhoda and I you’ve been especially patient and enduring >_<;; You’re a real sport, letting us tease you all the time and laughing along too. Thank you for always making time and effort for our schemes and little insignificant plans, no matter how tired or moody or occupied you are. Vince I think we owe you many squeaky apologies and a lot of gratitude. There’s never been anyone more sincere and sacrificial and endearing as you’ve been to us. To Winston: The choirboy. Sigh, I really wish you’d open up your introvert posture – it’ll make you look so much more confident and friendly. I enjoyed making fun of you and I hope it’s going to continue haha quick you’d better run away! But yeah. Keep staying thoughtful, and my friend.To Yux: Our Mommie. Our friend, our encourager, our ra-raer, our guardian angel, our match-making target, our supporter and advertiser. You’ve been so keen on getting involved with A02 and just running everywhere waving at us and cheering with us and for us and aaaahhh I love you very much <333>

KingADRIANthegreat [3:29 PM]

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