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Sunday, March 27, 2005

woohoo! emmiline is finally here to blog! :)

hey guys! i miss you!! *huggs*

first of all, let me tell you sth abt myself..
i didn't wana be an OGL cos i was afraid that i'd get a really lousy og. but being a councilor means i will have to be one no matter what hahas. my first 3 mnths in nj wasn't a well spent one. being in s7, there were only 4 guys in my class and seriously, they were all CMI (cannot make it). my class was really unenthu abt everything, so yeah, we're qt a dead class. we had only 2 OGLs whom we didn't really interact with. in short, i sorta hated my class xP we sorta bonded for a very short while when the release of results was nearing and had one class outing during the march hols. that was all. after that, some tried to organise outings but it was all talk no action cos most of them didn't response or didn't wana go. my class had the highest turnover rate i suppose. only 9 stayed in nj and 2 of them changed combi. that's why i didn't wana be an OGL..
orientation didn't start well for me. fell sick on the first day and cldn't go to sch the nx day. so i only met you guys on the 3rd day of orientation and i was so scared that i wouldn't be able to impress my og. hahas. thank goodness sheng was the first person i met and 05a02 was sucha welcoming class that i felt right at home with you guys :) really wana thank whoever allocated me to sucha wonderful class :D
im sorry if i haven been talking to you guys like vince, yux, sam or you kai. sometimes i feel like i have so much to say to each and every one of you but i just dunno how to start. i feel qt useless as your OGL. so , as i have stated in my super long sms to some of you, if you feel like talking to someone but dunno who to look for, there's always trusty emmy and her perpetually exceeding phone bills :) if you wana vent your frustration but dunno how, there's always trusty emmy to help you look for a punching bag :) i'll ignore my boyfriend if i have to. hahas. wah. now i feel like 05a02's guardian angel. oh don't think im not as emotional as yux. i also feel like crying when i know that the class will spilt. nj admin is stupid not to keep sucha bonded class together! humph. at least 05a02 will always have a place in my heart so it's nj's loss! hee.
thank you 05a02, for giving me special memories of nj and of the greatest class there'll ever be in nj :) to those of you who left, i'll threaten you with a knife if you don't come back often to visit me or the class. to those in nj, i'll also threaten you with a knife if you dare to forget the names of those who left. im not being silly kay. you guys know how i am so take my words seriously.

I LOVE 05A02!! *muacks*


KingADRIANthegreat [3:29 PM]

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