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Saturday, March 19, 2005

tt was alot of fine tuning!

oh crap ... blardy hell i tired auploading a pic of myself at 3 plus in the morning n then poof! all tt i hav type previously is gone! so this entry won be so long liao. i jus pick up the vital points i can rmb k? sori folks....

okie.. hows this new skin for u pple? took me alot of sdjusting from the basic design which i ripped off from blogskins k. go see credits on the left. i still giv them face k. spend like dunno how long sincce i got back from cell to use photoshop n dreamweaver to edit n tweek til i got this final template. cell was great! heheh G12 n tabernacle created into a fun mock survivor game. haha i said alot more previously but then nvm. jus go read exodus k pple. i also mus go read.

so hows the blog pple? giv me ur comments n sugguestion k? from shermin request,i hav decided to send the pics in a zip folder so ur can dl all at once. easier for the high speed users ya. but for the 56k pple sori ya. slowly la. tt why i did put any big pics or stuff on the blog cause it will take damn long for them to even try to read the blog la. i noe how it feels liek i was a 56ker before too. can understand ya.

okie next... more impt stuff. if u don read my whole entry at least READ THIS PARA!!! i heard posting comin out on tue. so everyone mus come on mon k? we need to take a pic wif all 22 impt members of the class! i stil haven got a single shot of STEPH!! so all come on mon k? then if u read this before mon rite msg BRYNNER NOW!!! tell him to come on mon. i reali mean NOW!! cause he told me earlier tt he got partyign late into sun nite then might not be coming. so everywan mus persuade him to come k????!!!! and of course steph n adrian too!

oh well i gotta wakey for scout meeting at 10 tmr. haha ealier i type quite abit of my scout story stuff but now too lazy liao la. guess u pple won reali be interested either rite? so ya. another time perhaps...

okei nite pple!
don ever forget this wonderful union we hav!


KingADRIANthegreat [3:39 AM]

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