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Monday, March 28, 2005

muacks maucks muacks

harlow my dear pple. hows life wif ur? guess its going pretty well ya. winning the best class so rocking la. haha :) eh i went to take the dice thingy hor. its so rubbish la. im a d8 n the words abt it is so not true. oh well. hahha let me tell ur abt my day like lulu..

i woke up n shower then went to do summmore drawings. cause later goin to see nj art teacher. so mus like do more to impress la. n i realise is not say i kant reali draw la. but i didn bother to. n the last few drawing all turn out quite nice. i guess. hhaha so ya. quite happy.

wif my o level stuff n a orgainised porfolio tt my sec teacher helped me to orgainise i went to AC to collect a letter tt he also wrote this morning. then wif all this new stuff to impress, i went to NJ wif my mum. tellin only rhoda n linghui. i tink. haha casue so happened msg ya. actually don wan tell wan.

1000 plus
the sa teacher called me and ask me to submit my subject combi form by 12. i told her im sick. see wat i can do.

arrive at NJ after leaving AC.drivin in saw EMMI! when up to art room to find teacher. no one. so jus went to GO to find principal. there saw ms yeo.art teacher. she was toking to a gal. wait. my dad came from work. then managed to see her. tok n tok n tok. she keep saying no more appeal cannot wan. don even wan to look at my art. all the stuff tt i brought la. then finally say wait to see principal.

1100 plus
she wrote a note n flip through my profolio in like.. 30 seconds!!
i took like hours to do the extra stuff la. oh well. tt life for me. the waited for principal cause she in her room doin sum confidential stuff. wait. wait.

she came out. tok. emphasis tt i did the lit website. n got no incentives out of it. not tt i mind la. kinda volenteer to do rite. kant spell. but hope tt those contribution can count la. she say cut of 6. i 8. tt way off she exclaims. oh well. should hav study harder. haha but im not regretting. cause though i should im leaving by the jus move on n dont regret rule of my life. then so she say appeal close liao. too bad. okie she didn say tt. haha

1200 later
went home. driving out saw SILIN. change to BERMS n went to sa. haha. saw the teacher at 1245 n then went to join thier activities. gals there kinda bimbo i guess. oh well. some bimbo wif out the looks haha. KINDA MEAN i noe. anyway. then played telematch n captains ball. i ownage in captain ball la. but we stil lose. then was darn tired. n tried finding where u guys were wif linghui n char. all went home. so tiredly went home.

tt my day. kinda tired but quite fun la. im settling in real quick n having fun! hope u guys are too okie! nj compared to sa reali dull. wifout u guys reali cmi liao.

LUV YA LOTS PPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
muacks muacks muacks.



KingADRIANthegreat [8:46 PM]

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