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Saturday, March 19, 2005

hey sheng the blog looks great! gd work yeah? (: alright my turn to blog and be sentimental. i must be frank and say i didn't really want to leave my class and join AO2. i mean must be UNDERSTANDING okay. i felt really uncomfortable on the first day. but as the days went by i realized maybe it's by God's grace i was transferred over because i AO2 is the bestest, most united class ever! even though we're all different people with different backgrounds we all seem to click. i have people from other classes coming n telling me "i hope i get into your class" - but hey, A02 is A02 because of who we are. so after mon, if we get reshuffled- which might be inevitable- keep the A02 spirit alive alright.
oh yar i heard about what happened at FISH & CO.! AIYOH!!! tsktsk!!!! somebody is a cheapopopo.

i'll do my shoutouts here; in no particular order...

erni- haha i think of erni and i think woman. seriously! you're so mature in a good way and you have a very warm character (: thanks for being one of the first few to strike a convo with me!
haoEy- hey haoguang! you're really not like any acguy i know and maybe it's a good thing. aiyar you're really q u i e t but loud in your own way. am i making sense. i rmb before talent time you said it was your first time dancing on stage and HEY we did it!
brynner- fellow dancer. you're always bringing a smile to everyone. why do you have to leave!!! AO2 will really never be the same without you. thanks for brightening the mood in class and giving me the opportunity to work with u all during talent time. it was enjoyable! haha hope you have an equally or even more enjoyable time in SA but pls dont forget us alright.
sheng- frankly you're like a brother to me. URE KAYPOH AND IRRITATING! haha but besides that yeah i can tell that you're a deep person underneath it all. thanks for being a great ct. i would never guess that you're that responsible and efficient. yup and for organising all the class outings and stuff (which i never really went for but still...) you do mean a lot to the class, and i know the class means a lot to you too. dunno if you're staying or not. but dont let others affect u too much yar!
adrian- i dunno why u remind me of kungpaochicken. i think its your hair haha. yar i also never really got the chance to know u well because you're either ponning something or climbing the gate or sleeping or something. hmm. you make funny comments too! and yar i'll always remember that time liyana was singing to YOUR music during hist cos it was blasting and u were wondering how come she was in sync with ur music.
jeff & charmaine- hullo mr jeff. and mrs angus. u both made a very lasting first impression on me so u both deserve to be mentioned together haha (: AIYOHHH both of you alwayyyys ar dirty dancing lar! but both of you are great so dont stop uhm gyrating (: hhaha yes. moving on.
kurt- debator-man. alllwayyys so fierce during pe!! scaring everyone away. relax a little alright! i still wanna see how your girlfriend looks like. hmmm ure like very intellectual n smart n all that jazz with ur equally intellectual specs. (: haha SMILE MORE.
cass/lulu- roadrunner. beepbeep! ure really funny the way you do the WHAT-E-VER. and bringing ur hamster and how u beat it up n poke its balls. n u complaining about ur fat legs. PLS. u always run over to rj and i rmb someone asked if you wld go and you said NO. BUT WHATS HAPPENING NOW. rawr. haha anw thanks for adding to the fun in AO2!
shermin- hullo chiobu! alllwayyys making out of point comments during class. reminds me when u were in primary school. out of point too haha. yeap its nice meeting you again!! stay jolly n cheerful n smiley!
liyana- ahh i'm always inspired by you. your passion n commitment to canoe is indescribable. and ur voice rocks. and you sing stupid stuff with me when we're bored in class. and u borrow my zen when i'm sleeping. and you eat a lot of bread. and you insult my pocky-eating habits. i hope you stay in nj! then u get to see more of your ___ (insert name here) and i'll see more of you (:
christine & ruth- the first 2 clementi town ppl ive ever met! my mummies. u both rockkk! bring some spice into AO2. i dunno. both of u are really something uhhh new. something cool haha I DUNNO HOW TO DESCRIBE IT! :( nvm keep singing. u both rock! u see! im dumbfounded.
nat- natnatnat motherly nat! i'm really gonna miss you (: you're such a nice n kind girl and yar MOTHERLY!! haha miss cross-stitch. i didn't really get to know you better. do come back n visit! in our first convo you were already so open and frank and i was grateful for that because u made me feel accepted and welcomed (:
karenT- hey girl thanks for bringing me around and introducing everyone to me. u made squeezing into AO2 much easier for me. and of course you made my eyebrows neater haha and lessons more interesting with ur to-the-point-points. :b smartie! i'll be seeing more of u in art.
shuheng- gummy heng! hahah yarr i must thank u too for keeping me company during maths lessons n for entertaining me. you are an entertaining nice friendly girl and im sorry about the shoes and you look like your sectional leader. YOU DO!
sophie- i thought you were QUIET and demure. WHAT HAPPENED! nvm i like you the way you are (: haha you're someone one can be really honest with and you're really skinny. i know this is so out of point. dont think i dunno! u stone a lot while singing up there!
charlene- girl! ure like my closest friend in AO2. im glad i got to know u n im glad we hit off well cos i know theres someone who will be there for me n u know i'll be there for u too (:
rhoda- rhoooodaaaa i must admit i really like your name. and i like the way you get emotional when you sing the national anthem and the school song. i shall give you the most-patriotic-and-loyal-national-anthem-and-school-song-singing award!!!
linghui- miss scholarly anderson girl with the cool emo specs! i also nv got the chance to know u well. i just realized i seldom talk to u lei! its okay! u like stefanie sun and stef is a nice name so ure cool. and ur phone is cool too. cool. cool. stay cool (:
judith- aloos you're a really quiet girl but i can tell theres so much in you when u give your intellectual statements about literature poems i take forever to understand. i hope u enjoyed the one day in ny uniform :\ yepp thats what it feels like to be a ny girl. AIRY. haha okay sorry.

...........................AM I DONE?! im HUNGRY and i really have a craving for the tauhuay which is sitting in my kitchen so im gonna eat it. im sorry if i gave you a lousy crappy shoutout but that might be because i was thinking about eating :\ forgive me.



KingADRIANthegreat [3:25 PM]

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