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Monday, March 28, 2005

damnit. why does blogger always delete all my posts?!?! argh!! i'm typing this out allll over again!

anyway, here's a report on my first day in rj with my class for the next two horrifying years! my class has about only 17 people, (which is so pathetically small! sob sob) of whom three are guys, and of whom none are shuai..haha!

my civics teacher is this lean indian man with greasy hair and bulging eyeballs.
he's the fierce, no-nonsense type..sigh.
I was really captivated by his massive eyeballs, couldnt stop staring at them the whole of civics lesson...haha!
my geo teacher is miss helen ting's ex student, and she's a middle-aged cheery woman..
haha and i must say the chinese idiom "qing cu yu lan" really applies to them.
miss ting's student doesnt mumble to herself, and her teaching is quite good.
i actually understood a physical geog lesson FOR ONCE EH!!!
that is like... a record in the history of my lost-during-geog-lessons days.
not bad ah! dont you think it's a commendable achievement, shu heng! haha..
oh, we played Taboo during GP too. haha.. i miss that game with miss ong!
anyway the RJ version of Taboo is so different and excruciatingly slow.
Remember how christine used to get all red and hop about and scream during the game?
well the RJ people sit in a very civilized manner, and speak very calmly too.

E.g. my guy classmate was saying, "Ah...you go to a place...in Singapore...but doesn't have to be in Singapore..and you sit down under a shade and you consume perishables from a basket..." The answer was "picnic" la...and by the time he finished speaking, our one minute was over.
(I'm just exaggerating la, but you get my drift..!)
WEll, that was quite an unfunny game of Taboo.

But overall, the class is quite nice la, like i can talk to the other girls and stuff,
but...the silence during lessons is just deafening.
I was sitting there during civics, listening the the whirl of the fans
and the utter lack of human noise was so unnatural and terrifying.
it was practically killing my ears, no kidding!!!
like, cos i'm so used to the buzz of a02..and nobody, i repeat, nobody, speaks up during lessons at all!
like, they dont even say, "ya right!" or "haha!" and it was so quiet, I just couldnt stand it (that's why I was sitting down)
and at that moment, I really missed the dumb comments that adrian, sheng and basically everybody else always makes during tutorials and all the time.. siGhHh.
And this is a class that has been together for three months...
There are only three newcomers, to the class, including me, and imagine!!! They are all still so quiet!

oh yea.
everytime a teacher today asked me what school I was from, I said, "NJ... ROCKS ah!!"
haha...they all had a startled look on their faces. wahaha!

anyway, really missed you all loads!! especially when linghui said you all won the best class award.. haha.
we rock!!
hope you all remain in the same class!!
continue wreaking havoc in NJ ya!!
see you all this friday!!!!

love love love and more love!!

KingADRIANthegreat [7:19 PM]

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